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hey, nice! she sings a bit like Michael Rose

anyway, the youtube link I posted above for Tenor Saw has 2 songs...and the second one keeps coming back in loop in my head

it's time to dig into my old CD's and play FEVER in loop for a few days...too bad Tenor Saw died so young, just like Otis Redding :/
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Depends on what kind of reggae you like. There is a lot of diffrent styles like Skinhead reggae, rocksteady, lovers rock, roots, DJ stylee/dance hall, dub just to name a few.
I like a lot of stuff from Studio One, Treasure Isle, Trojan, and greensleeve labels.

Here is some stuff I like.
YouTube - Billy Boyo - Boyo On The Go

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YouTube - Bim Sherman - Slummy Ghetto

Adrian Sherwood at da control for an epic song
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"Lucifer son of the morning, I'm gonna chase you out of Earth..."
Max Romeo, Chase the Devil
'nuff said
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Culture and the Deejays at Joe Gibbs: Amazon

I-roy blows me away(Coxsone school!), and this compilation is about all the best songs from Culture in 12" disco dub mixes w/ famous deejay's on top....does it get any better than this?

YouTube - i-roy coxsone
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an all time favorite from Sizzla: YouTube - Sizzla - Good Ways

and the all time clash winner doing some freestyle(the very end of the video is mesmerizing): YouTube - BOUNTY KILLER - FREESTYLE

and these are some frenchies, they really mash up

YouTube - MILITANT RIDDIM (Furybass production 2008): CAMILO - BIGA - MAXWELL
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oh yes, Bim Sherman has a truly magic voice

let's not forget the early Gregory Isaac albums, they REALLY are something too: YouTube - Gregory Isaacs - Universal Tribulation

and Barrington Levy, w/ his creamy voice and fat basslines riddims: YouTube - Barrington Levy Never Tear My Love Apart

I'm just getting completely addicted to his music
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Yay...we should just turn this into the official reggae page.
YouTube - Dave & Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner (1971)
YouTube - Smiley Culture - Cockney Translation
YouTube - Errol Shorter - Wild Inna '81 Style
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my fav Steel Pulse album...Marley's arrangements quality is beaten IMHO, and it hasn't beeen vampirized by Chris Blackwell to appeal to wider audiences...it's still very much rasta music.

Amazon.com: True Democracy: Steel Pulse

It's always a a major treat to play this record, and there's also a remastered edition w/ bonus tracks
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Pablo Moses - A Song
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News Flash - Leo Graham

Want A Wine - Leo Graham/U-Roy
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Amazon.com: Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread: Lee "Scratch" Perry
Arguably his finest album, originally released in the late '70s
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