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prolly one of the best albums coming out the Black Ark studio

and the extended version w/ tons of dubs is just


War Ina Babylon not only captured a moment in reggae history (and has been a cornerstone of the reggae canon for over a quarter-century), but it is widely regarded as an essential element in any reggae collection.
I musta listened to it for like +300 times, and this extended remastered version really doesn't help

Straight is the road that leads to destruction
Ah hear me when I say
The road to righteousness is narrow
Ooh yeah ooh yeah
Indictive feelings enter feeling
The truth is a fact, tell me
Are you a con man, or are you a dreadlocks, oh?
Onward, forward, don’t step backward
Step out of Babylon
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Second the Israel Vibrations albums there all good,
And Ill add
Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side Of the Moon, Radio Dread, Lonely Hearts Dub Band
reggae versions of Pink floyd, Radio Head, and the Beatles respectively
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Thanks for the allmusic link to Beware, leeperry. But it's not the same album...looking at my vinyl copy, sleeve is totally different (mine is a multicoloured painting of a Rasta throwing down the tablets of stone onto the Statue Of Liberty) as are track names. I see on the label it's simply titled Beware Dub (Vivian (Yabby U) Jackson) Prophets. Grove Records, which I believe was a North London (UK) label. Sleeve: Recorded at Channel One, JA, mixed at King Tubby's, mastered at Music Centre, Wembley, Middlesex (London), 'All tracks are written, arranged & produced by Vivian 'Yabby Yu' Jackson. Musicians are Sly, Robbie, Albert Griffiths, Chinna Smith, Bernard Harvey, Ansel Collins and Skully on percussion. Yabby U is noted a 'featured' on three tracks...No date at all, but I've had the record for years. Maybe I have a further dub version of Beware Dub, or a previous Yabby Yu album coincidentally titled the same? Intriguing. I'll have to search out your Beware to compare.....

Oh & an enthusiastic x2 on Max Romeo & The Upsetters! That is a killer album!
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UB40 - 1980-83
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Originally Posted by steviebee View Post
Maybe I have a further dub version of Beware Dub, or a previous Yabby Yu album coincidentally titled the same?
oh well, there's many fake version of Lee Perry's albums floating around...so maybe this long out-of-print album is going the same route?!

BTW, here's a poor attempt of making commercial pop music out of the Black Ark studio :

Dusty Groove America - Susan Cadogan: Hurt So Good

I don't think they managed to make it big, but she sure has a fantastic voice....and Perry's always doing some funny noises in the choruses, which makes this album priceless

it's mostly based on the usual in-house riddims...it's a great addition to any true reggae addict's collection

plus the new extended version has tons of dubs and B-sides, gotta love those deluxe editions!
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Hey, that Susan Cadogon record is great! Reccomended!
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Perry is and will always remain the top reggae/dub producer. he's up there w/ James Brown, as the godfather of dub mixing.

His biography book is so nice, and he says a lot of very interesting things in this documentary: Soul Jazz Records — Dub Echoes DVD (2009) — Directed by Bruno Natal

his first dub LP has gone through the remastered deluxe edition treatment as well : Dusty Groove America - Upsetters: 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle

epic release!
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you can see him working at the Black Ark in the 70's here: Lee Perry At Black Ark Video by Akira - MySpace Video

It think they're using DT150's
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BTW, this guy doesn't do reggae...but it sounds much like dub: YouTube - Beatbox Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'

but his studio albums lose the "live" magic, they sound flat and boring IMO.

this track is truly mind blowing : YouTube - Beatbox Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Flow' feat. Woodnote

he does live dub w/ the sax and his microphone at the end, and sings w/ a massive reggae style...how cool is that

if only he was doing live DVD's w/ a lossless stereo track(yes it's possible) and jamaican singers, then it'd be out of this world!
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for the hardcore Black Ark collectors, there's been 2 albums recently unveiled from so-called "lost tapes":
Amazon.com: Rockstone: Native's Adventures with Lee Perry at the Black Ark: Native: Music
The Slickers : Breakthrough - Makasound CD - Reggae

very mystical sound, the Upsetter at his best! too bad no dub versions though..
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I'd just like to second the Lee Perry Super Ape and Burning Spear (Marcus Garvey) recommendations.
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Olden days
+ YouTube Video
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after a lot of dubious albums in the 90's, the upsetter is back :
Amazon.com: Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered: Lee Scratch Perry: Music

Lee "Scratch" Perry – Having a Party – Free listening at Last.fm

love the opening song! his singing is top notch, like back in the days...who would have though?
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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - No Bones For The Dogs

Absolute killer album, heavyweight dubs and excellent production throughout
the kind of CD that puts a silly smile on your nodding head...you can't stop humming anyway, resistance is futile

YouTube - Tenor Saw - Lots of Sign + Who's Gonna Help Me Praise

Beyond words, Tenor Saw all the way!
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A bit out of the beaten path, but I like Suzanne Couch.

+ YouTube Video
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