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Gregory Isaacs-Mr. Isaacs, Cool Ruler, Soon Forward. More commercial releases: Night Nurse, Out Deh!, and Private Beach Party.


Linval Thompson- I love Marijuana, Linval, I Love Jah, Look How Me Sexy, Six Babylon, Rocking Vibration, Baby Father.


Henry Junjo Lawes pretty much ran the 80's dancehall sound in my opinion. His work at Channel 1 with Scientest mixing is legendary. Most of the Greensleeves releases that he produced were great. Here are some artists that worked with him: Linval Thomson, Barrington Levy, Josey Wales, Eek-a-Mouse, Michigan & Smiley, Charlie Chaplin, Clint Eastwood, Ranking Toyan, General Echo, and Nicodemus.

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Thanks! Are These listed in order of preference?
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No, they are not in order of preference. I just threw out a number of titles that I like. Try to audition some online before purchasing.

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Hello there



Only my 2nd post on head - fi.


Have been converted all my CD's to flac recently, say recently started in December but that's another story.


Anyway just join and and decided to head to the music section and was glad to see a thread on Reggae, some great recommendation so far, some I have and some are new to me. One of the CD that I have converted is Trojan Dub Box Set and one of the tracks that popped up on tonight's playlist was.

Sly and the Revolutionaries - Cocaine


Bass sounds so much deeper and tighter compared to this you tube version, but just to give you idea.





Cheers Frank

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X2: these Trojan box sets are really great bang for the buck. Got a bunch of them myself!

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We must not forget the Abyssinians



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Great japanese duo Dry & Heavy



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Danish dancehall: Bikstok Røgsystem




Have a nice day :-)

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…an original Wailer…

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This album has the Billy Boyo track "In di area", very special track. But the whole album is actually really good! I'm happy!

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Hello there



@librarian: Really like The Abyssinians track.


@ Tru Blu liking the Bunny Wailer.



One that came up on the old playlist tonight.



I know its SKA but SKA is a type of reggae in my book any way. Have stomped to this many a time.


Cheers Frank

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Hello there


One that popped up on the play list today.


So Much Trouble In The World - Bob Marley & the wailers, do like the opening verse too this.


Bless my eyes this morning
Jah sun is on the rise once again



Cheers Frank

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To many to list but here are some that are in rotation all the time.




Mikey Dread - Heavy weigh sound





Dawn Penn - No no no (you don't love me)





Sister Nancy - Bam Bam





Half Pint - Pick your Choice





tenor saw - ring the alarm




Toots and the metals - 54 46 was my number


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@gsr1379: NICE! And yeah, that Dawn Penn track is a real classic. Just amazing!

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