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Cybernet Components

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A friend of the family's father just passed away and they offered for me to look through his belongings and see if there was anything I need for college. Since I am in search of an audio solution, I went through is entertainment centers and found a set of Cybernet components. It looked like a preamp/tuner, an amp, and a cassette deck. Obviously I dont need the cassette deck, but I would be interested in the amp which would be fed by an Asus Xonar Essence STX. The model numbers are SPR-80 (preamp/tuner), STL-80 (amp), and SPA-80 (cassette). No speakers were hooked up to it so unfortunately I could not listen to it. I have since searched the internet for any information on the the models and manufacturer, but the only thing relating to Cybernet audio that I have found are replacement belts for a turntable and one site mentioned that they were bought out in the mid 80's. Does anyone have any information on these components? Would it be worthwhile for me to take them to school?


(not sure if this is the correct forum, but the amp did have a headphone out on it, so it seemed the best)
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Hi, look on Audiokarma, it seems these were made by a subsidiary of Kyocera which built OEM gear for other brands.  Mostly sold in Europe.  Kyocera later sold similar components under the Kyocera brand.

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