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that's what i'm looking for, I have the Ultrasone pro 900 for bass and it doesn't make me feel happy like when a good treble hits me right in the spot if ya know what I mean.

I'm gonna buy a 2nd hand auditor since I couldn't find an appropriate price online so I'ma settle for a used one but I guess that's alright, no excitement from opening a new product but atleast the sound will make up for it :)


The Focusrite Pro 24DSP is sufficient as a source? 

Unlucky for me it fell off the table because of the stupid wire collision but I think they are sturdy enough to get these kind of bashes, I hope so. I mean if It works there's no need to worry right? there can't be any loss of sq right? :o 

Unfortunately the chassis got a good bump on it now but what can you do :)


I'm so excited, can't wait to hear both of the HD800 and the Auditor working together when I listen to my Jazz collection :)

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Resurrection inbound!!


Guys I just completed my purchase for the amp and will be getting either later this week or early next week.


How do you think it will fair with my T1's? I mainly want it for the T1's, HD600's, and K702's. I got really interested when I saw the voltage swing and total output power for 600Ohms. If it can power the HD800 perfectly then the T1's should sound great on it.


EDIT: For some reason I got denied on BillMeLater. I have an excellent credit score and no bard marks on my credit at all so I don't understand why... Oh well I guess it'll be a while again...

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As an update I gathered enough funds to purchase the amp and have went ahead and bought it. I should have it within a week or so.


If anyone is interested I purchased my amp from Aphordite Cu29. They had a great price of $899 for the amp and $29 shipping for Priority Mail.

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4 days ago I have ordered some Audio GD OPAs.

2x Moon and 2x Sun


Hoping to make my unit more full with some body. Will report back when I get it.

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Yes please let me know if they make a difference.

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Thinking about pairing this with the T1. I know most suggestions I will get for the T1 are OTL tube, but this looks nice too.

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I was thinking about an SPL amp a while back. For T1's and other high impedance headphones I guess it makes sense.


For low impedance headphones the SPL head amps make -0- sense though, so in the end I didn't get one. 360 mW into 30 ohm? I wouldn't do that to a pair of K701/2. An Edition 8 - even worse. How about 3.2 Watts (3200 mW) into 30 ohm instead? That is a Corda Classic... and I think it's a bit cheaper than the SPL too. Although the Corda Classic wouldn't be sufficient for HE-6 headphones with only 160 mW into 600 ohms.


Would be nice to have an amp that has equal power across the impedance range.  smile.gif


Maybe I'm off base here but... why spend $$$ on a good transport, a good DAC, a good soundcard, expensive headphones, et cetera... then stick everything into a device that has a 97 dBu A-weighted SNR? I think that is in the high 80's SNR when converted to dBm. Can anyone do the math and confirm? Am I missing something here?

Originally Posted by Amarphael View Post

Some pondering about the power specs, It's listed output is 1.7W@600ohm and 360mW@32ohms. But isn't it supposed to be the other way around? How come does it deliever so much more power at a high impendance and about 5 times LESS than the 32ohm?


This amp seems to be the inverse of most solid state amps. Normally you are right, SS have higher W at lower ohms and lower W at higher ohms. Also, take care of the math. I know in the Meier amps there is a stable relationship: double the impedance, half that Wattage output. Here, the inverse doesn't hold. If it did it would be closer to 100 mW into 30 ohms.


What do you guys think about the 9 ohm output impedance? Do you think it helps tame upper treble?


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Got a SPL Auditor coming my way next week. :) Hope it pairs up well with my T1! Hopefully a nice upgrade from the M-Stage.

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My SPL Auditor will be here TOMORROW! It's going to be awesome.

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Post some impressions here man! I haven't yet finished my review but it's in the works.

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Good match for the LCD-3?

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I pulled the trigger just now and my Auditor should arrive within 10 days! I purchased it from an authorized agent here in Canada and it is the same Auditor but the price seems much lower than what I am seeing from other resellers. This unit is new from factory and selling sold at $567 Canadian funds. I just couldn't pass that price up. Can't wait to have my new toy and post impressions. Thanks to Zombie X for the review that I read based around the 600 ohm DT series. Should be a great pairing.

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Is the auditor just essentially the phonitor without all the bells and whistles (a.k.a just the amp part)?


How does this compare to the v200/v100 and possibly the benchmark dac1's amp?

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I just bought a spl auditor second hand! Have it hooked up to my apogee duet 2 via XLR to the breakout box. Im a happy camper so far, will check back after a few days of listening with my thoughts.

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Does anyone have a link to the new SPL amp coming out in a few weeks? I've heard it mentioned around here a few times recently-but can't find anything about it. Thanks.

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