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But thats the entire point of getting a new psu. Cleaner power = less jitter= better sound. Why not just contribute with jitter reclocker as a suggestion?
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Any recent and well designed Dac should be able to deal with such a low level of jitter. But if you 've got cash burning your pocket just go for it.

I was also planning to upgrade the PSU (which usually cost as much as the NDS1) but comparing the Onkyo to various other sources I found my DAC was quite immune to jitter so forgot about the idea.

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I haven't noticed any difference with the new PSU with the REf5 DAC as it has a good DSP but the with the DM there is a difference.

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My "custom.hifi.cables" sourced PSU for my ND-S1 is in transit from the UK to the USA! can't wait!

Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

Pleased your PSU quest is over.

Happy listening!

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Post some photos along with impressions when you get the chance Dave! beerchug.gif

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The amb labs sigma11 diy would be spectacular in this application
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Just hooked up my ND-S1 with my Ipod Classic 7G 160GB and Burson 160D.  So far it sounds great and its so nice being able to use the convenience of an Ipod with my main system.

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Can anyone confirm if the Onkyo ND-S1 works with the Ipod Video 5.5g?

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Yes it does. Its working with my 5g video so i assue it would also witht the 5.5g
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Received my ND-S1 dock from Japan today. Plugged it into the custom made PSU from hifi cables dot uk along with my Meridian DAC via Van De Hul toslink and then to the Heed Canamp and Senn 650s. It all sounds very good. I am pleased to say my iPhone 3Gs works just fine with the ND-S1 to include the remote control for the ND-S1. Also pleased to say that streaming internet radio via the many radio apps work just fine as well, as does the iPod app in the 3Gs.


Perhaps I'll add more pixs to show the great work done on the custom ND-S1 PSU. All boxes are plugged into PS Audio's Duet Power Center 2 zone 4 outlet AC power filter providing protection and improved performance with a PS Audio Power Port AC outlet on the wall. All the gear is sitting on 'vintage' sound organisation stands.


Later, I'll add some Neotech 3001 ICs and 3001 AC power cords.



ND-S1 with custom PSU and Meridian 203 DAC

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I would love to know if your custom PSU improve the sound of the Onkyo over the one provided, if you have time and can get help from somebody. Cheers
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Originally Posted by zenpunk View Post

I would love to know if your custom PSU improve the sound of the Onkyo over the one provided, if you have time and can get help from somebody. Cheers

check one page back, post no.190

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Thanks Sup. I red your post but that was a sighted test I understand and no offence but that has little value for me, at least not enough to get me to spend another £120 on a PSU.
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Ok tonight I did an A/B comparison between the stock 'wall wart' psu that came with the Onkyo ND-S1 and my custom made PSU from hi fi cables in the UK.(the silver box with blue led in my photo)

Source, my 3Gs iPhone playing Linn Radio's Jazz station streaming at 320 kbs.

I've been running the system with the custom PSU for several weeks now. So tonight was merely substituting in the stock PSU

Simply put, NO comparison. With the stock PSU, everything sounds shut in, closed in, two dimensional, no air around the instruments or voices. The soundstage is much much wider with the custom psu. Everything is more dynamic. I wasn't expecting such a leap between the two

Bottom line, the custom psu makes me want to listen to music (exactly why I bought the Onkyo in the first place) the stock psu is uninspiring, uninvolving. hence no desire to listen to the music.

Before going to the Onkyo and an existing DAC, I was just taking the analog signal out of the LOD iPhone port into my headphone amp. That signal was uninspiring as well.

I thought about buying a $200 plus LOD cable from the iPhone to my headphone amp before I knew about the Onkyo. The wadia iPhone transport was way too much money to even consider.

All things considered, the money in the Onkyo and custom psu was a far better choice than buying a very nice analog LOD cable
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Are you feeding the Meridian 203? My concern is that people with a recent dac with good jitter rejection might not benefit that much if at all from a custom PSU.
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