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Hi Chris,

This excellent news, enjoy it.

I am using my 160GB classic which sounds great.

Happy listening!

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Originally Posted by Cyxx View Post


Just recieved my ND-S1 (s), and connected to my ipod touch 4th Gen, 64Gb works like a charm.

I´m also using ZumoCast to stream flac files from my PC.


Great sound!





so forth gen works fine too? great! Latest software update? :)

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Just downloaded 4.2.1 update for 64GB 3G.

I'll let you know what happens soon

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I purchased my Onk. ND-S1 for Japan and it came with about a 1ft. optical cable and about a 5ft. composite video cable, along with a USB and a remote control cable. Essentially the optical and composite cables are too short to be used in most setups. I was curious if a coaxial subwoofer cable work as a video composite cable? I believe they are the same. Am i right? Also where's a good place to purchase them, both the optical and the composite video cable? Thanks for any feedback.

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Blue Jeans can make a decent 75 ohm coaxial cable for you pretty cheap, and they have toslink or you can find all kinds of it at amazon, I found a real glass toslink for about $30 there.

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Originally Posted by TrumpOrMonkey View Post

Hey everyone, I just recieved my Onkyo ND S1 and I have an iPhone 2G 16Gb on the latest firmware and it doesn't interact at all with my player, also, hooking it up through USB to my computer. it says "Device driver not recognised." on Windows 7.


Basically I've hooked it up to the wall, hooked the optical cable up the the Onkyo and to the Bel Canto. I tried it like this and it is not working, not asking for anything and it's playing from the phone speakers while on dock.

and then I tried hooking it up to the PC using the usb cable, and that doesn't work either.


Is there anything special I need to do to get it working?


I'm using an aus plug adapter and the charge on the iPhone is 20% if that matters.

I think you need to put it in Flight Mode, not totaly shure that it will work thou.

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The optical input on my Onkyo doesn't have a good fit with any cables I use. Coaxial from Blue Jeans however is a different story. Recommended

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I'm using some Puresomething_or_other Belkin optical cable w/mine... 

Was a tight fit but loosened the split ring connector on the cable a smiggen & used a spec of dielectric lube & its all good.  Often use a bit of that lube on any connectors that are plugged/unplugged frequently.  Here's it w/the Buffalo32s & 4-ch beta22 still on the bench:




Got the Onkyo in 10 days from that big ebay seller of them in Japan.  Wish they had black but was told black was not available in Japan.  But @ the price silver is fine by me:)

Working well & as described in English manual (found online) w/my 5.5G iPod (have to use iPod button to get control of iPod, but remote buttons like prev/next work & that's the main thing).

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Is there a way to view photos, not videos,? All I get is a blue screen. When I play music I get my volume levels on the blue screen, just text. I have read that the Onk. nd-s1 will play videos but I have not read anything about photos. Please help.

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a few questions on the ND-S1


1.) where do you buy if living in the USA?

2.) Do you need an after market power supply for USA 110 V?

3.) I have a Meridian 203 DAC that works up to 48k on sampling- is that enough for iphone/ipods? This old DAC does not go into the 192k regions as new DACs do. Doesnt iphone/ipod max out at 48k anyway?



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dcginc, As regarding your questions: 1) Japan or the U.K., I believe it might be abit cheaper buying from Japan. I purchased mine from a private seller in Japan and recieved it within 3 days! 2) No, it comes ready to plug in play. 3) Your DAC, although I'm not familiar with it, should work fine. And just to let you know I'm very pleased with this transport. It has very good sound but what really sold it for me was the convenience factor and ease of use.

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Forgot to ask... ND-S1 work with 3GS iPhone? I understand airplane mode is needed?

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I don't know about the ND S1 working with that phone for sure or not. I'm using a 3rd gen. ipod touch and a Harmony One remote and they both work great with it. Another plus about this transport is that it only takes 2 cables to connect, either an optical or coaxial audio cable and a composite video cable.

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Originally Posted by Trisk3lion View Post

I think you need to put it in Flight Mode, not totaly shure that it will work thou.

Hi, aussie nd-1 user as well. Not to be too pessemistic but are any of the indicator lights turning on? If not, then your nd-s1 has been fried. Happened to mine cos australia mains power is 240 and us/jap is 110. The power supply overloads and cooks the nd-s1. Thats what happenned to mine (dumbass younger brother didnt know his electronics and just got a pair of pliers, bent the pins to fit the australian plugs and hey presto, i now have a fried nd-s1). The usb-spdif converter on it still works however (strange) although when you plug in the ipod, nothing happens. Same with iphone, it plays thru the speakers and you can change the volume and all. Gonna take it out for repair soon. Does anyonr know if repair is possible?
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Did anyone try the ND-S1 with iPhone 4? I'm having one coming soon but not sure it would work fine with the iPhone.

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