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New Grado GR8 In-Ear Earphones!

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Now available for pre-order @ SoundEarphones: Grado GR8 In-Ear Earphone!
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Didn't see that coming!
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wow...didn't expect that from Grado. any reviews? i don't see it listed on grado lab's website yet.
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Nice to see some more exciting products!
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I wouldn't have guess that. It would be cool having the Grado sound in an IEM though.
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There's two models coming out, one's $89.99 and this the GR8 is $299.99....
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Wonder how long Grado has been working on these. Much more a flip back to the iGrado area of the market after the PS1K.
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Cool. Seems to have good build quality for a Grado. Those tips look a lot like Shure olives btw.
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What an awful name.
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They look nice... are they dynamic ?
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Just saw this, looks interesting, who knows...
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woah, totally didn't see this coming.
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We just received the GR8 specs and have updated the site.

Driver: Moving armature
Connector type: standard mini plug (gold over brass)
Frequency range: 20 -20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 118db/1mw
Impedance: 120 ohms
Maximum input power: 20mW
Cable length: 51"/130mm (oxygen-free copper wire)
Weight: 9 grams including plug and cord
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