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ugly headphones

The most „ugly“ headphones are one which sounds miserable, are hellsly overcosted and my girlfriend hate them to see ...
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Originally Posted by fqr View Post
i think these are mean:
greenhouse: pig earphone (2,750.00 yen for those who are interested...)
I want a pair of those.!
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I voted Skull Candy G.I. as the ugliest headphone ever made. It is a beige blob. Also, what headphones and fake bullets have to do with each other is beyond me. If the G.I. were raised to the level of kitsch then I would give it a pass, but unfortunately, I can't even see G.I. Joe wearing these headphones. Most of the headphones here are pretty hideous so you did a great job putting this poll together. At least the Jecklin Float is trying to be something, however hilarious it is.
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I had to vote Jecklin just because of the picture. The Sears ones were a close second.

Unfortunately I know a guy who wears the Grande Boosted ones. Almost always walking around with them on. I facepalm behind his back every time I see him. And to think he used to use Grados, which really aren't any more socially acceptable when it comes to looks but had to sound better.
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I might be alone in this, but I don't think the Psykos are ugly at all.
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+1 on Jecklin also.
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I thought the TakeT H2 was the ugliest, but some of the Skullcandies really take the cake. Especially the pink furry one.
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those skullcandies are ridiculous, but the jecklin float is just plain the ugliest ever (although the float sounds much better than any skullcandies..)
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I voted for Skullcandy. It was extremely hard deciding on which looks worse so it came down to the fact that the others could be passed off as a novelty item.
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I'd like these to be included
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Its a good thing that people don't have to look at a mirror when they enjoy them
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I can't believe the skullcandies aren't winning the poll over the Floats. For that matter, and I'm of a severely biased opinion, I think the K1000s are sweet and beautiful like smooth jazz in an elevator
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That "horizontal" looking Zalman phones posted in the first page win hands down, i bet they not only look but also sound like crap.
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