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HELP!! Is there a minidisc player for my headphones????

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Hey guys listen, I plan on getting Grado 325's for portable use. Only problem is they need an amp to go loud and poweful on a portable Minidisc player. SO I will buy an amp, now here is my problem.

I've looked at all the minidisc players, and none of them have an independant line out, for an amp. Is there any minidisc player you guys know of that has a line-out????

There is no way i am going to use the headphone out, as there is loss in sound quality.

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Check this out:
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Yes Joe I know about that player, But I refuse to buy awia, to many problems with that player.

I WANT either SHARP or SONY(sharp makes better players than sony) There has got to be a sharp player with a line out, hey what about this one, does it have a line-out??? http://www.minidisco.com/minispecs/sharpmt877.html

I'm desperite people!!!!!
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I'm moving this thread to the portable audio forum.
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Doesn't seem like it has a line out... however 5mw x2 seems to be just enough to drive my Grados to listenable levels (SR80s)... but that doesn't help...
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Ah, check this out


They have line outs... well at least the red one does...
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Some of the older models had dedicated lineouts (Sony MZ-R50 was a beaut -- I still use it today with a headphone amp). However, in the interests of saving money and saving space, all but the "pro" models made today have either no lineout, or an integrated headphone/lineout jack.

Sharp models do "lineout" in two different ways. Some have an impedance-sensing jack that automatically switches between headphone and lineout depending on what it's hooked up to. Others have a set volume that causes the unit to emulate lineout (for example, they tell you to set all levels to flat and turn the volume to 31, if I recall correctly).

Most current Sony models have NO lineout. However, the MZ-R900 and its predecessor the MZ-R90 have a switchable headphone/lineout jack. You use the LCD menu to switch it between the two.

If you want to check specs on units, check out the MiniDisc Community Page:


-- click on the "Equipment Browser" link.

Personally, if you don't care about MDLP, I would go for a Sharp 831 or 722. Both have auto-sensing headphone/line, plus they have 10mWx2 headphone amps. The are also both built like tanks.
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I owned the RZ900 (Japan model) and it had a combo lineout/headphone out as MacDef stated. I used the TA and Grado SR-80, more than enough power and Grado slam.

Check this link out. It is a very thorough review of the RZ900.


I should not have returned my RZ900! I miss it.

Regards - reynman
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my Sharp mdp (md-sr50) also has a combined can-jack+line-out. the manual says, if you turn the bass-boost to 0 and the volume to 30, it will output a line-level signal. But does that just mean it will give a certain amout of mW and/or Volts similar to a line-out, or does it switch into line-out mode, meaning it will bypass the internal amp?
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Just bumping this up a bit, as I'm in the market for an MD player with a line out. Anybody know the answer to Braver's question?
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at full blast (volume 30, on mine bass boost is automatically disabled at that volume), sharp MD's will put out the 2 V signal, which is equal to a typical line out. However, the signal is still amplified by the headphone amp. So it is not a true line out, as it can supply a lot of current at the expense of sound quality.

If you just want to play loud, the old Sharp 10mW x2 amps (last model that used it was sharp 831) should be sufficient. If you're using grados, amps are usually used to improve sound quality, rather than for reaching louder volumes (unless you own a new "world's ________" MD or if your name is apheared)
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Thanks, thomas. I'll definitely be using the MD player with a portable amp, not becuase of volume, but sound quality. I find it difficult to listen without an amp now. So I guess I need a dedicated line-out. Does anyone know anything about the line-out/headphone out which is switched electronically, like some of the new Sonys? Is that a true line-out when it is switched on?
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Check these sites out:


For this one scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the link for the MZR900s owners manual in Adobe acrobat.


Go to their discussion board. A guy named Skamd is the moderator. About as close as you can get to Headwize/Head-fi in terms of great resources and info.

I think I'll purchase the Sony this week, unless I opt to buy a certain Head-fiers RS1s!

Regards - reynman
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Thanks for the info, reynman. That Sony 900 looks damn nice! The line-out is switchable, BUT it reverts to headphone when powered off. So it has to be set for line-out everytime it's turned on................pain-in-the-ass. My current MD player doesn't even have that option.......so I guess it's better than nothing.
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