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I've never one to usually wax lyrical about a program but has anyone used songbird before?
Songbird - Open Source Music Player

I'm actually blown away, I love it! Its based around mozilla/firefox so will seem pretty familiar to alot of people, plus you can install extensions like you would with firefox and 'feathers' which are essentially skins...currently using 'sportbird' skin which looks guessed it..spotify.
I love this program, its bloody wicked, much better than mediamonkey imo
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I still like Foobar. Not going to try Songbird though it looks like a nice player.
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Just installed it. Apparently a lot of folks have it, I'm just ancient when it comes to music playing.

Should I be worried about lock ups?
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Want to try it, but it doesn't support CUE files since the last time I checked.
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Is it a memory hog like firefox? Sorry, couldnt resist.
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^ That's a fairly valid point. I too would like to know this.
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I've been using it since 1.0.

Yes it is quite a memory hog. However, on the plus side it allows installation of third-party extensions as well as integrated support. It's an all-in-one approach to a media player - without video.
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I've been using songbird for over a year. It's a great app for music playback... lots of plugins that add useful information and support for more id3 tags and so forth.

Oh... and best of all it runs on every platform I use (Linux, Mac, and Windows).

And yes it is a memory hog like firefox... although not to the same level in my normal use. It's currently using 162megs and firefox is currently using 316megs. But hey... RAM is cheap, this box has 6gigs.
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without any add-ons, is the hog still there?
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
without any add-ons, is the hog still there?
I'd say more than WMP or Foobar, but without the add-ons nothing separates it from any other media player.
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I like how people complain about programs being memory hogs even when ram is dirt cheap.

Oh, foobar2K here.
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I have 2 gigs of ram, I just don't like memory hogs in general.

Songbird was using 13mb a few minutes ago, now it's up to 60mb.
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Let's see...

Right now firefox is using 110mb some odd of ram, and with everything else I have a total of 260mb-ish used.

2.8gb or so left.
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Just installed it and I'm using it as a web browser right now. Very cool app! I moved all my music to here. Time to uninstall COWON media player. Still have foobar2k
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RAM use?
 3821 dan       20   0 2248m 873m  21m S    0 14.6  73:55.95 java                                                                       
24523 dan       20   0 1064m 317m  28m S    8  5.3  22:17.51 firefox                                                                    
25388 dan       20   0 1879m 289m  12m S    0  4.9   2:48.10 java                                                                       
 6454 dan       20   0 2661m 247m 204m S    1  4.2 175:33.04 vmware-vmx                                                                 
 4574 root      20   0  447m 216m  27m S    6  3.6 367:56.41 X                                                                          
25368 dan       20   0 1332m 183m 9372 S    0  3.1   0:27.61 java                                                                       
24466 dan       20   0  781m 161m  31m S    0  2.7  15:32.23 songbird-bin                                                               
24408 dan       20   0  789m 107m  27m S    0  1.8   1:25.41 thunderbird-bin                                                            
 9066 dan       20   0  244m  95m 7844 S    0  1.6   4:16.79 acroread                                                                   
 4700 dan       20   0  369m  70m  10m R    1  1.2   3:51.76 gnome-terminal                                                             
14676 dan       20   0  637m  46m  13m S    0  0.8   0:23.80 soffice.bin                                                                
 4655 dan       20   0  681m  45m  16m S    0  0.8   2:17.56 nautilus                                                                   
 4776 dan       20   0  484m  45m  13m S    1  0.8   7:22.87 pidgin                                                                     
 4647 dan       20   0  980m  44m  13m S    1  0.7   5:53.12 gnome-panel                                                                
 5672 dan       20   0  561m  42m  16m S    1  0.7   6:36.69 vmware                                                                     
 5780 dan       20   0 1967m  30m  10m S    0  0.5   0:06.59 vmware-tray
Those java processes are my IDE (eclipse) and server processes for the app I'm developing. The app uses far more RAM on a production box. vmware is running a Windows 2003 enterprise server with IBM DB2 and other apps.

Lightroom on my macbook at home will use as much ram as I have... it uses 1.5gigs constantly (I only have 2gigs in that box). Photoshop is the same.

Songbird is a lightweight app, as is firefox.

No machine should have less than 2gigs and use modern apps IMHO. If you have less... you should run even lighter versions...
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