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Really nice wallpapers koven. I noticed a small graphical error on the second one though.

Yes, I'm picky hehe. :P
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We really need some of these made into t-shirts, the ones already on cafepress are admittedly not great...
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I could probably find a higher rez version of this if anyone's interested.
1280x800 would be nice
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Thanks for sharing, Graphicism. How about including Shure or creating a version with the leading IEM brands? 1280x768 would be cool as well!
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Nice man, great stuff. I would love a shirt too.
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Loving the latest one and the "Audiophile" one.
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Cool - thanks. Desktop updated... :-)
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Work desktop updated....
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Did you make these yourself? Anyways, great job!
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Nice work! But no Stax logo
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though I disagree with your Denon hatred, I really like the wallpapers nice colors.
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You do realize Denon logos are in the new ones?
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not the wallpapers, his opinion of the actual phones compared to ultrasone, his preference.
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Thanks all, I made the ones on the front page. Hmm no Stax or JVC logo, and no Denon hatred DoYouRight... I just found a pair of $30 headphones that sounds almost identical and had to let them go. And yeah preference to Ultrasones, I like electronica, Denons are more geared towards hip-hop, rap (IMO) with there slower sound signature and monotone bass.
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Nice! Great wallpapers!
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