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Alessandro MS-1 Repair

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Would anyone know anything about getting these headphones repaired? I can't seem to get any sound out of the right unless I twist the headphone plug a certain way.
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A simple re-solder could fix that. I can do it for you if you wish.

It sounds like a loose connection or the plug itself. I highly doubt it's the driver.
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You could probably hire someone for cheap to repair.

Is your warranty over? otherwise send it back to Alessandro.
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How long is the warranty? I couldn't find any information on their website.

I do believe a quick re-solder could fix it. It isn't the driver, just the plug.

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Looks like it's your plug, and too bad it's out of warranty..
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All repaired for ya and works perfectly now.
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I have exactly the same issue, and I'm sure it's the plug. Is this the kind of thing I could just take to a shop somewhere, or do I need to send them to Grado? They charge $30 for it, plus I'd have to mail them, and I wonder if it's a simple enough thing for someone other than them to fix.

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