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Jon - will take some glamour shots this weekend.

Denys - I certainly think the WA2 is an excellent upgrade choice from the ASL. I am not sure about going to a "higher level" as I have not hear the HD800 with other amps. The only thing I could think of is perhaps a balanced amp (such as the WA22) as people have suggested the HD800 scales up very well in a balanced setup.

In regard to upgrades, I also cannot comment as I do not have the upgrades. Having said that, with previous Woo amps I have owned, the upgrade which I would think would yield the greatest improvement would be the voltage bypass caps. I would be a little hesitant recommending the tube socket upgrades or stepped attenuator, simply because I have not heard what these types of upgrades can do (and do not like SA's). Anyone out there who has heard these would be in a better position to comment.

I personally find that I attain more enjoyment by tweaking the sound to my liking by tube rolling, rather than laying out the same or more funds toward upgrades.
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Thank you very much Xenithon for your quick reply...

Sounds like I may have a nice Xmas gift from me to me !!! :-)

Take care

Greetings from Montreal

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Impressions with the HD800 posted. I must admit that it is hard to put down much of what I am hearing in writing. This is for two reasons: 1) much of it has been covered in the initial review of the WA2 in the first post; and 2) it would just be too distracting to write everything down....I'd prefer to just turn down the lights, close my eyes and listen

Feel free to ask any questions about the pairing. If there is any specific music I should try out with the two please let me know...if it is somewhere in my music collection I'll be glad to give it a whirl and try report back.
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Thanks for the thorough review, as I am strongly considering picking up a WA2 as another amp to use with the Sennheiser HD800.
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good read. thanks for posting the 800 impressions.
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