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Problem with FedEx?

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First, let me show you the customer ratings for FedEx from my area: http://www.yellowpages.com/info-21863070/FedEx/reviews

Most of the complaints are about delivery not being made and delivery made to a wrong address (almost seems intentional since most of us mentioned staying home waiting for the package, yet FedEx never came only to drop it off somewhere else). FedEx never rang a doorbell or knocked, but instead left a paper saying he dropped off at next door neighbor (wtf?). Apparently my neighbor isn't home right now. Is FedEx even allowed to do this? I don't even know my neighbor since I just moved here. What if my neighbor claims he never recieved my package (says on the paper he has signed)? I don't think FedEx will do anything based on their poor ratings. But aren't they responsible for this? What can I do?
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Small claims FedEx.

Be sure to personally name the driver in the complaint.

Whiny phone calls get ignored. Lawsuits do not get ignored.
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that's depressing b/c fedex is the last private carrier i have yet to have a major problem with. well, they did leave my HD800 in the lobby of my building w/o even buzzing me to see if i was home. just dropped it and left. of course, i was home. not as bad as ups delivering one of my headphones to the wrong address (wrong building, wrong street, etc) and having someone - not me obviously - sign for it! sometimes i get really angry. other times, i think that these guys probably have an incredible number of packages to deliver per day and some mistakes (even if stupid, hopefully honest) are bound to happen. i waver on this.
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My FedEx driver's name is Kevin. I say hello to him when I pass him in the hall. Ask him about his kids. Open doors for him when he's carrying packages.

This all helps reduce ****ups in my FedEx deliveries.
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I know most people have issues with UPS, but where I live, I have never had a problem with them. I have had 2 issues with Fedex....one was a damaged package and the other was a delivery to the wrong address. I can count on both hands how many times I have used Fedex in the last few years. Compare that to probably 100 times with UPS and never an issue.
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I have not had a problem with FedEx or UPS since I started having any packages delivered to my work instead of my home. At work, there is no chance of it being left with a neighbor, and they're unlikely in the extreme to get the address wrong, as they deliver and pick up a ton of packages from there. Plus the shipping/receiving guys are well plied with beer to treat my packages carefully, so any damage would be in transit, not at my end. That said, the only packages I've had damage to have been with UPS.

OP, I hope you get a satisfactory resolution to your issue.
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This is FedEx Robin. I am sorry for the frustration you've experienced. Would you like for me to look into your delivery for you?
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Originally Posted by FedEx Robin View Post
This is FedEx Robin. I am sorry for the frustration you've experienced. Would you like for me to look into your delivery for you?
No but thank you. I took care of it. But if you can, contact FedEx in Brooklyn and find out why it's so bad? Most of us here try to avoid FedEx as much as possible that's how bad it is. The rating speaks for itself. UPS is so much better imo
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It is intriguing that more and more companies are taking an active role looking for posts about their companies on internet forum boards and having employees become members and providing customer service. What a welcome evolution in the internet.
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I find it hard to believe that FedEx Robin is truly a FedEx employee or agent.

Not completely out of the realm of possibility, however.
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Same here, but I lol'ed when I saw "This is Fedex Robin", um...wheres Batman???
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Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing View Post
Same here, but I lol'ed when I saw "This is Fedex Robin", um...wheres Batman???
UHHHHHHH. Here I am!
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Originally Posted by FedEx Batman View Post
UHHHHHHH. Here I am!
Holy BOSE headphones, Batman!

Hahaha, even thought the accounts are going to be banned, I'd say it was worth it.
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lol whoever fedex batman is should be careful, you can get banned for having more then one account even though it's hilarious.
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