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David is a good man...Fixed a mistake I made, and was very helpful....Make no mistake, this man has honor.
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I sold my Sony A818 to alphaphoenix. Payment was quick after he agreed to buy it. Communication was good and no problems at all. He also let me know when the item arrived which most people I deal with don't do so that was definitely a plus. I would not hesitate to deal with in the future.
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David is a stand-up guy. I purchased a MSSHT amp and there seemed to be an issues with it. He was extremely helpful trying to trouble shoot the amp. It was decided to send back the amp so he could look at it. He was unable to replicate the situation I had and It was ultimately decided to get a refund upon his suggestion. Everything was done quickly. He is very friendly and trustworthy. I feel bad having to get the refund as I wanted the amp and to deal with David. All that said, if given the chance to business with him again I would without hesitation. I will also take this opportunity to apologize to David.

Thanks for everyrhing.

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Bought a pair of yuin pk2 from David. He was very professional and courteous. The earphones arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. An absolute delight to deal with.
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At the first transaction, I bought a Denon D2000, and forget to leave feedback so i am doing it now.

At the second transaction, I bought - Zune 8GB and Corda Headsix.


Great packaging, Fast shipment, and great products (excellent condition, as described) . I am very satisfied. David is a great guy to deal with.

Thank you!

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Bought a pair of W3s off alphaphoenix. Smooth transaction, great communication, great price, honest, speedy shipping, what more do you want? :)

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Sold David my FX700.  Easy transaction in every way.  I would certainly do business with him again.

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Bought PAA-1 earbuds off David, although it took a long time for them to arrive, I was very pleased when they did..


Very genuine, honest seller on Head-fi.

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I sold David my CK10. Smooth and easy transaction. Great and quick communication. I will gladly do business with David again in the future.

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Bought JVC FX700 from alphaphoenix. Arrived very quickly, in MINT condition. Great seller with great communication!

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Sold a HF-1 to alphaphoenix.  Communications were prompt and friendly.   Paid immediately and couldn't have asked for a better transaction, thanks!

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Traded David my Gr8s for some CK10s. Everything went smoothly. Would deal with again.

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David bought my Cardas headphone cable.  Very courteous and payed immediately.  Also let me know right away when he received the package.  Would like to deal with him again.

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Bought a pair of PFE ear guides from David,


The whole transaction was quick, easy, and to the point.  David has a great deal of feedback so you already know you're dealing with someone trustworthy and reliable.  I would easily recommend him to anyone else as a trader on here.



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Bought cardas cable from him...very pleasant man to deal with...I really recommend him for anyone who want to buy stuff from him...

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