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Originally Posted by Fido2 View Post
that's exactly what I paln on doing meme. I plan on getting my 3009 rewired, putting a lighter more compliant cart in and then using it as a second system. I just ordered a Sota Nova with SME 309! YES! That table and arm should make my Shelter 7000 sing eh? I can't wait.
I'm guessing you snagged that Nova on Agon that came with the SME 309. Sneaky devil. I was thinking about buying it myself.

You are absolutely going to love that deck.

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lol...yup that's the one Jerome. I'll report back after it arrives and I get it dialed in. I sure hope it sounds good.
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Definitely let us know how you make out with it....and be sure to post lots of pics so we can all drool!

BTW, after I got over you taking this deck I ended up buying a new SME 309 for my SOTA. So a state of equilibrium has now been restored to the universe.

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lol...cool. I am really looking forward to hearing it. Jerome, what cart do you use for your old mono records? I was told that records before 1960 need a different stylus to sound their best?
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I don't have any special cart for older records. All of my vinyl is 33 1/3 or 45RPM long players. I don't own any 78s, though I thought about building a small collection of Duke Ellington 78s until I saw the prices they fetch, and then I was cured of that idea forever.

I do have a lot of mono LPs, particularly from the 1950s.

This is the real deal, issued in 1957. I am listening to it right now on my Ortofon Jubilee cartridge and it is pure heaven. It was later issued as an RCA Living Stereo title (which I have as well). But I actually prefer many of what RCA dubbed "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" recordings which were all mono.

These LPs, if you can get them in great condition, sound as sweet as anything else that has been played on my turntable. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and I bought a box of 80 original RCA Victor Orthophonic LPs that were in minty condition for $100. The buy was easily worth several times that much. I put them in my car as quickly as I could and drove off before the seller could change his mind.

I think you will be fine using your Shelter with old mono records so long as the vinyl is in nice shape.

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OK! Got my SOTA Nova and SME309 tonearm in and setup and all I can say is WOW! Un-freaking-believable! I am really loving this tt and arm. The detail retrieval and lifelikeness is just astounding compared to the other tables I've had(which admittedly aren't many..hehehe). This system also has some incredible house shaking bass...very convincing.
I'm trying out a Shelter 9000 in a day or so just to see if I like it a little better than my 7000. I have an all SS system and my speakers are quite revealing so I am looking for a cart that can do vocals, jazz, classical and rock music without too much compromise in my system. The 7000 is a great cart but with some of my vocal music I sometimes wish for a bit more warmth or smoothness(in my system) in the upper mid, lower treble region and sibilant sounds. My system does lean towards bright however.
With a warm system, or a warmer phono pre the 7000 would be stellar! It is still most enjoyable. I am really just nitpicking ,well, just because. That's what this hobby is all about, the elusive pursuit of musical playback perfection. If we were all suddenly pleased with everything the hobby would be done....lol.

I also lucked up on a few boxes of old records the other day with many old RCA "LM" dogs in there! Excellent condition vinyl and covers also! Now I have to clean them, try them out and then sleeve and bag them. Vinyl is just a blast huh?

Sweet looking LP you got there Jerome, you should bring it over and we'll spin it on the SOTA!? I bet it sounds gorgeous.

I can post some pics of the table later if you want? My SOTA is in the birdseye maple which is just beatiful IMO and less common.

What's new with you fellers?
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so...no one cares eh? I am approaching vinyl nirvana and my vinyl head-fi buddies don't even care....
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We care! But sometimes life outside of head-fi demands our attention. In my case work has kept me extremely busy the past few days.

Post some pics!! As for what's new with me....

I can give a hearty recommendation to these Everest 35mm reissues from Classic Records on 200g vinyl, if you don't mind the $32 price tag per title. Definitely buy this Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto...

Unfortunately I have to return the Tchaikovsky 5th and Aretha Franklin albums as they both are defective. The new MoFi Cars reissue on 180g vinyl is pretty sweet.

And of course my new SME 309 tonearm has been occupying what time I do have.

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How you liking the SME 309? I am trying out a Dynavector XX-2 Mk II right now. Now this is more like it. I really like the sound of this cart. Much more natural vocals and instrument tones and textures. Wonderful midrange and very good bass also. Seductive, it sucks you in and you just enjoy the music. Smoother also on the harsh sibilant recordings. Still my old rock records are a touch bright. I wish I could warm em up some. I guess you can't have it all....or can you?
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