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WTB-I need a M Audio Q40 HP replacement cable

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The very shabby quality stock cable i've already replaced once and i would like a higher quality headphone replacement cable for my M Audio Q40s.Here is a pic of the wire.Here is the catch it has to have a threaded 3.5mm end connector like the one in the picture. Update.Nevermind, got one.
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Originally Posted by Nirvana1000 View Post
Update.Nevermind, got one.


Hey, what did you end up getting?  I'd like an aftermarket cable for mine too, about 4'-6' in length instead of the ridiculously long default cable.



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Same question as above

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I bought the Blue Dragon headphone V3 cable used from another member.He bought it from Moon Audio.It is made with the one threaded 3.5mm plug,to be used with M Audio and Ultrasone headphones.At first i thought there was improvement mostly in more defined bass and a little bit in overall sound.Then one day i was doing a extended comparison with the stock and the Blue Dragon.And it was hard to distinguish any differences or improvement in sound.So my conclusion is that there was not much improvement in sound,minimal at best.Mostly i think the Blue Dragon V3 had much better protection against any frequency and microphonic disturbance.And the cable was constructed very well and would propably last a very long time.But i did sell it with my Ultrasones.My advice is.If you know how to solder WELL.Is to buy Mogami cable and solder the threaded plug to it and make your own.You would save cash and have a good cable as a replacement.Mogami is popular here at Head-fi because it is cheaper then the other brands but just as good.And if you don't know how to solder and make a cable.You can get a DIY member to do it for you.It's a shame such a fantastic sounding headphone has such crappy reliability with it's design/parts.I'm on my second pair and the right driver just crapped out!Luckily i have until June before my one year warranty is over.Here is picture of the Blue Dragon V3 headphone cable.Don't spend too much money on a headphone cable.The improvement in sound quality is minimal if any.[IMG][/IMG]

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Thanks Nirvana,

I appreciate the feedback. I had found the Blue Dragon through searching and was intrigued by it, but the price always seemed a bit too steep to just try it. I'm glad for the honest feedback that there is little-to-no improvement in sound quality, and that definitely helps make the decision easier. I think I will stick with the annoying stock cable for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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No problem.I don't mislead people and will provide any information that will save them money.

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