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ATTENTION HE90 OWNERS: JMoney custom earpads/headband

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I have seen some complaints in the past about the earpad/headband quality of Sennheiser's electrostatic headphones.
The big problem is the black vinyl used on those parts, which are very susceptible to flaking.
This is more evident on the HE60 (please refer to this thread), which has worst quality parts compared to the HE90.
I thought this problem wouldn't happen with the HE90, but my headband pad started cracking and is slowly flaking now. When I gently press the earpad with my finger, I can also see some cracking areas on the vinyl that covers its side surface. Luckily, I've noticed this right after receiving brand new replacement parts from Sennheiser.
But the original replacement parts are very expensive and will suffer from the same problem after a few years, no matter how carefully you treat your headphones. My HE90 is from the 2005 batch and I bought them only two years ago. (I always have my hairs clean and dry before wearing it. I use it less than 1 hour/week and it's always resting on a Sennheiser-provided hanger when not in use, protected with a Stax dust cover.)
I could buy new replacement parts every 2-5 years, but this would be very expensive. It's also a risky option, since Sennheiser's stock is limited and these parts will likely become unavailable soon.

Which brought me to the idea of ordering custom earpads/headband pad made with leather instead of vinyl. Now, this would be a reasonable investment. We are talking about decades of durability.
After an extensive research on leather specialists in and outside Head-Fi, I've became aware of Jeremy from JMoney Audio and his work. He has been doing an amazingly high quality job on manufacturing earpads and headbands with lambskin. Please look at these Denon pads he has made:


I've contacted Jeremy and he seems to be very confident and willing to make custom HE90 earpads/headband pads.
I asked him to make the parts as near to the original ones as possible. It should not alter the sound, nor the design of the headphones. The looks/comfort/sonic characteristics should remain the same. The only improvement will be on the quality of the material used.
I'm sending my earpads/headband pad to Jeremy and he will perform the needed measurements.

Now to the problem. Jeremy needs to make at least 50 sets of these parts. The reason for this is quoted below:

"(...) you can't really tell that they are handmade, in my opinion. Don't want to sound too confident but that's how I feel about what I have come up with. But, there is a reason why they look so good. It's because I use high end equipment that involve molds that help cut the pieces perfectly. Then I proceed to assemble everything by hand as they don't get pumped out of some huge machine.
That being said, is why I only would like to work in largish quantities because I must buy a mold. I'm not too interested in just providing a crappy looking pad as I want all my products to be first rate."

Which is basically why I'm starting this thread. I'd like to know how many of you HE90 owners are insterested in this project.
You may be asking about the price. We are not sure how much it will cost yet, but telling from the price of current JMoney Audio's products, it will probably be cheaper than a set of replacement parts from Sennheiser.

I'm waiting for your inputs. =)


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07/19 - I've just got a price estimate from Jeremy. The total for a set will be around $100-$120, depending on materials and construction time.
07/20 - The original parts have been sent to Jeremy for detailed inspection and measurements.
07/23 - We need your opinion on the material to be used for the earpads. Please see post #39 for details.
07/28 - Jeremy has kindly agreed to use velour on the earpads (post #51).
09/07 - HeadRoom will possibly stock the leather parts (post #74).
09/09 - Listing for extra sets have started in order to reach the target of 40 sets (post #75).
09/16 - Final price estimate (buying from HeadRoom) is $120-$130.
09/17 - HeadRoom has accepted a 30 sets pre-sale (post #91).
09/22 - HE90 leather pads are a go!!! Need a volunteer to lend his HE90, preferably in Canada (post #94).




10/01 - Some difficulties with JMoney Audio are holding the project back, but Jeremy claims to be commited to make it happen (post #207).

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Number of sets (1 pair of earpads + 1 headband pad):

anonymous (1)
ast (1)
blubliss (2)
dannyandelyse (1)

El_Doug (1)
Elephas (4)
fing (2) - WITHDRAWN
Guss2 (1)
HeadphoneAddict (1)
Hirsch (2)
HugoFreire (4)
leberserkfury (1)
mandel (1)
neilvg (1)
purk (2)
Riboge (1)
strungoutt1 (1)
struts (2)

surfboardz26 (1)
Tachikoma (1)
wavoman (2)
Wmcmanus (1)


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I would love to have one of each. The quality of the headband and earpads from Senn are quite bad. After only 1.5 year of using it, the flaking has begun.
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Thanks, purk.
Indeed, it deteriorates really fast.
Let's hope for a big number of owners to join us.
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i'll take 1 pair of ear pad and headband cushion. This is tentative and i'll finalize my decision when the price info is available. thanks
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Me Me Me! (for both)

Thanks for notifying us of this Hugo! And thanks for doing the legwork as well. A much needed 'investment' imho.

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Thanks, Neil!

I'm trying to PM all HE90 owners (that I know of) about this thread.
It would be great if you guys could spread the word too. That would help me a lot!

AND... if any of you have no problem on buying 2 sets of these, it would be much easier to reach the 50 sets needed to place the order. I would appreciate.
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I'll take 2 sets.
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I'm not sure that 50 will be a realistic goal, but I'd be happy to support the effort as well. A lot will depend on pricing, but I'd place an order for one set of (earpads as well as headband).

We'll see how it goes, but I'd consider buying a second set as well -- again, depending on pricing. In my case, I don't listen to any one pair of headphones to EVER wear out a set of ear pads -- not the HE90 or anything else, and not in a lifetime!

But consider this, HE90 owners -- having a spare NOS set of leather pads and headband that has never been used before would probably help you one day if ever you decided to sell your HE90's and the JMoney products were no longer available.
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Originally Posted by blubliss View Post
I'll take 2 sets.
Thanks a lot, Andy!
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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
I'm not sure that 50 will be a realistic goal, but I'd be happy to support the effort as well. A lot will depend on pricing, but I'd place an order for one set of (earpads as well as headband).
Thanks, Wayne. I doubt it will be higher than $200 for a set (that's what Senn charges). I will post a more accurate number as soon as I hear it from Jeremy.
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Just to be clear, the only reason i said "tentative for 1 pair" is because my current pair of ear pads and headband cushions are in really great/mint condition AND i have 2 brand new pairs of ear pads and headband cushions in storage. so i have a lot of "inventory" to go through as is. But i dont mind getting a "better" pair, depending on price.
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Price is updated on the first post.

lebersekfury and Wmcmanus,

Please let me know your decisions based on the updated price.
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i'll take 1 pair. will consider a second pair.
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Maybe I'm the only one,but I love the Senn pads and have experienced absolutely no flaking in the 4 years I've had them.Also,I already have an extra set of earpads but not a headband pad.My only quibble is that the velour gets a little warm from time to time,but man is it comfortable.I'm also not really in a position to spend more money on my rig right now,but at this price for a full set of unique leather HE90 pads I'd be crazy not to buy a set.Sooooooo,I'm in. I'll take one set but let's keep this between us,my wife will kill me if she finds out.Great job Hugo.Gary
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