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no, it's just down to personal taste. Some favor the 701, others the 1000. I love the K1k and found the 701 to be drab and lifeless with not much going for it but everyone has their own prefs. The K1k is certainly not a can for everyone by any means. Comfort, lack of deep bass, sometimes steely top end and fairly picky on amps. Plus they're not all the same, some are more mellow and bassy than others.
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Which ones are the basssy?
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K1000s are nice. Not really headphones though and really hard to drive. I heard one setup (can't remeber amp) that was very good. Classical music seems just right for the K1000. I often see them on ebay. So I gues they are not too hard to come by.
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CES 2010?

When will we see them then?
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Originally Posted by pearljam5000 View Post
Well i guess i'm screwed, maybe i'll get a pair of HD800 in the future if they are close to the K1000 sonically,because they are in the same price range sort of..but not so sure because of all the contradicting reviews...
I don't think the HD800s come close to what the K1000s are capable of with a good amp. Me and fellow headfier, Gordie, spent last weekend comparing the K1000s with the HD800s. We drove the K1000 with an Audio Research VS55 tube power amp. The Senns were powered by either a Benchmark or EarMax Pro. A few weeks earlier, Gordie purchased a new RSA Raptor which he was going to bring until something went wrong with it and had to be sent back to the factory for repairs. According to Gordie, the combination of the 800s and the Raptor were nothing short of amazing but still not in the same category as the K1000s with the ARC amp.

I definitely preferred the sound of the K1000/ARC combo to the 800/Benchmark/EarMax Pro combo.

When Gordie gets the Raptor back, I'll post some more impressions.
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I also prefer the sound of the K1000/Audio Note Kit 1 combo over all others HD800 combos that I heard (namely Phoenix, Zana Deux, and Sonett). The effortless and grand presentation of the K1000 is unmatched.
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Which ones are the basssy?
There's no way to tell without listening unfortunately. I've read old Vs. new but both mine were old and one was easily more bassy and rich than the other at any given cage angle. It wasn't too subtle either and people who has heard them say they are the best K1k they've heard and while they still can't go subterranean, they're not what you'd call bess shy either.

There is definitely some variance between different K1ks but no way to tell from the outside.
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