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How often do you replace comply tips (if at all)? - Page 2

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My last pair kept me going for around three weeks at 2-3 hours of usage per day. I usually get rid of mine when they seem really yellow, which, I suppose, is a pretty bad gauge.
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I had 3 pairs that came in the package that were replaced every 4-6 weeks then never bothered purchased replacements.
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I can get about 2 months out of each pair.

I wash them in hot soapy water every couple of weeks, rinse them out in cold water, then stick them somewhere warm to dry out, and then stick them in the fridge overnight. I know that might sound mental, but putting them in the fridge draws out the moisture and makes them a little bit more compact ... almost as good as new.

That said I still get annoyed at how expensive they are, for something that can't be that difficult to produce and that starts looking dirty so quickly, so I've decided to get some custom molded sleeves made by ACS.
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When they start ripping or coming away from the inner tube. Eventually the foam part will just come away from the inner tube.

I wash every few weeks and this seems to help, although I wonder if the stress of pulling them on an off decreases their useful life.

They don't last and longer than other non-silicone foamie tips. I used the Ety4 black foams for a few years and they didn't last as long as the complys. They lost their squish after just a few weeks.

I'm a huge comply fan for reasons of sound and comfort. I almost sold/put away my Ety4s before using them with the comply tips. Now I listen to them often.
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I usually replace them every 2-3 weeks and it is getting expensive, so I get UM-56 and be done buying tips and it sounds so much better.
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Try peroxide

I have been using the peroxide method to clean and they are holding up well. Now I am not one who uses them several hours a day, but I do have tips that have about 100+ hours on them and they are still going strong.

1. Place tips in small container like 35 mm film canister or small leak proof pill bottle.
2. Add hydrogen peroxide full strength to cover. Let sit a minute, then shake for another minute or so.
3. Dump out peroxide and rinse tips under running water for about 30 seconds while gently squeezing to force the water and peroxide out and let new water in.
4. Give a final squeeze and let them dry on some paper towels for several hours.

You should end up with pretty clean tips and you can do this about 5-6 times at least.

I like the fridge tip mentioned above and may try that to see if it helps keep the foam a little more dense.
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once a month abouts
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I've been spending way too much on complys the last year or so.  I'll try some of the methods here, but are there any good alternatives to complys?  I'm using UE super.fi 5 EB's.

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I like comply fit, but they are too expensive. I am spending more on these things than my earphones!

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Odd.  I've never actually bought a second pair of Comply tips yet.  It's heading towards a year on my first set (S/M/L) and one is finally starting to fall apart.  You guys must be pretty tough on your stuff.  They really don't even get dirty either, but I Q-tip my ears pretty much daily.

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I've used Comply tips for a couple of years now without needing to replace a single one.  I wash them with really hot water when they get gunked up, then squeeze them with a tissue to dry them, then let them sit out for a couple of days to be sure their good and dry.  I used to use a mild soap, but the really hot water is good enough to dissolve ear wax.

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I've got True-Fit large tips:

They never discolor or tear. The only wear is that the memory functionality gradually decreases. After several months, the material doesn't stay squeezed when you roll it. I have a couple of spares (Shure and these) though. I replace them once in 3 months to get the best fit. I wash them using an ultrasonic cleaner.
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