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Originally Posted by Akash View Post
Does k317 / k319 have better sound qaulity than Yuin PK3??
Havent heard PK3 or any YUIN yet but when I will get pk1 or ok1 I will let you know
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Originally Posted by JuliusL View Post
What you mean by nothing special?
I have found that they were sounding fantastic full mids, clear and detailed highs, pure bass and nice soundstage overall full body sound at least that is what I hear of sansa fuze without amp. As ive said in previous post too bad that they are made too fragile I will miss them much but I dont want to risk another unexpected and too easy dead of them.

i will explain, but my english is not too good, and this is base on my oppinion, we all have different ears , this is what you need to learn in this forum and audio hobby.
maybe i use too many high-end earbuds; crossroads hr2, yuin pk1, yuin ok1, cm700, radius woody, sennheiser, etc. the frequencies of k319 is not deep enough , i dont think the high is detail, the mid also lack fullness and no wet like radius woody or pk1, the isolation is one of the worst for me(cannot fit to my ears), and the bass is very lack even though the advertising said heavy bass, what i like is staging wide but for staging level is not good enough, staging size still not as wide as yuin ok1,pk1 and cm700. you know i only used k319 for 3x then i never used it again, the lower version of akg is more value for me, k319 too overprice. K319 is not bad, its good, but nothing special for me
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