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Originally Posted by tangerinedream View Post
What would you charge for the recabling of ED-8 for 2 meters with the best cabling available ? i live in Europe
PM sent.

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Originally Posted by monotune View Post
I am liking the naked cable look it works well with my clear ipod face.
I spent 4 hours listening to music the other day. I have never been able to do this with any other headphone. The closest was The Denon 2000's I have but they are very loose on my head and as I think I mentioned before the bass was all over the place. The UE8 is for me the best option and they are portable enough
The SXC Cryo cable actually looks pretty nice naked with the UE8, and that's only because it's silver plated. Naked copper cables just wouldn't match well with the UE8.
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Just an update but every time I put the cans on they sound better & better. Today is exceptional! I had to laugh because the other night I was listening to some music and thought. Jesus they must be going through a rough patch. No bass. Yuck! The next day they seemed better. What I realized today that since my eyes are not as good as they used to be and the room was a bit dark I had the left on the right and so you see that the Ultrasone headphones work on the principle of reflecting the sound off your inner ear. They would sound completely different if you had them on backwards. LOL. It makes perfect sense that they had a bad night . As a newbie, everyday is an adventure! These phones sound incredible!
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