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DIY JVC HA-S150 Fullness Modification

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Hey guys,

FYI- This DIY How-To is a beginner lesson for newbies or anyone that has some Flats. This IS the basics people!

In this DIY How-to I am going to show you how to open up your JVC Flats without damaging anything and how to get a little more fullness by adding Poly-Fill/Gauze. All of the steps include an image for guidance.

You will need:
-1 Small Flathead Screwdriver
-1 Small Phillips-Head Screwdriver
-Poly-Fill Cloth or 1 piece of 4"x4" 12-Ply Gauze


1. Pull off your Headphone Pads

2. Pry out the Driver from the Headphone Casing. Do this by putting the small flathead screwdriver in between the clip and the driver and pry it out. Don't worry about snapping the driver cables- they're long enough. If you do this right- they should come out on the first pry.

3. Unscrew the Back-Plate. Use the small Phillips-Head screwdriver to unscrew the tiny screw that was behind the driver before you took it out. This will allow you to pry off the back-plate.

4. Pry off the Back plate. Use the small flathead screwdrive you used earlier to do this.

5. Place the Poly-Fill/Gauze around the screw hole in the Back Plate. Make sure you leave the screw hole open and nothing in the way.

6. Snap the Back-Plate back on and re-screw the driver casing onto the Back-plate. Basically put everything back together.

7. Snap the Driver back in to the Driver Casing.
USING ONE FINGER- Gently push the driver back into the original Casing until it clips in place- and put the pads back on.

Now you have a pair of cheap, modded, mid quality On Ear headphones for less than $20!

Hope you liked (and understood) this DIY Tutorial!

Spencer D.
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Have you tried recabling them? How hard can it be?

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Necrothread but i'd like to know the above too - are the solder points for the cable accessible? I ask because i'm thinking about getting a pair of these with the specific intention of frankenphoning them.. Recable, but also conversion to 4 pole so a mobile phone headset clip can be integrated, stuff/deaden the back plate - that driver looks like it might be possible (if i'm really careful) to do something akin to the kramer mod to further tweak the sound signature if i still don't like them..


always a fan of buy cheap, mod high. These also look like fairly subtle 'phones for closed cans.. i like


edit: is that medical gauze you're using? as in dressings and bandages? I can't find any specifically made from polyester.. been looking for speaker grille foam but if that's just the 12 ply cotton gauze from a bandage i can get that stuff dirt cheap.. rayon polyester only in 4 ply


How would foam work? I've got some sound deadening foam - old pieces of akasa pax-mate left over from an HTPC silencing project.. but that stuff never comes off once it's stuck on.. it's thin and it's self adhesive and VERY deadening

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Necro-thread, again...I know this thread is dead & gone, but my kid came home with a set of these that were donated to his school and mostly destroyed.  I was dissecting them, and they look like the same guts as the Koss Porta-pro's.   Is this the case?

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