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are dells ultrasharp monitors worth the extra over thier E range? - Page 2

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Samsung makes some pretty amazing screens, most of them are TN and they certainly are cheaper (or at least where, when I bought my Dell).
I'm perfectly happy with a 2407WFP-something but use if for school work, many graphic stuff. The only way it will really be worth it, is if you need the color range/accuracy and have something like a Spider to measure and calibrate it.

If it is mainly for games you may actually prefer the TN panels, since they are faster to respond and have less blur... but maybe that's more for the hardcore-gamers to notice as mine is fine.
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2209WA rocks!
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Originally Posted by odigg View Post
Ultrasharps typically use IPS or PVA Panels whereas the non Ultrasharps typically use TN panels. This means the Ultrasharps have better viewing angles, colors, etc. Many Ultrasharps also have better stands and connectivity (HDMI, Displayport, etc) than the other models.

However, this doesn't mean you are going to feel the price difference is "worth it." The large majority of screens you see today have TN panels and many people have 0 issues with them. You don't need an IPS or PVA monitor unless you are a professional graphic editor or something along those lines. Most of the Ultrasharps are really nice though!
That and another use where IPS or PVA have advantage over TN is movies. If you use your monitor to watch movies (not Youtube, but high quality stuff like DVDs, Blu-ray, good divx, etc), then take a closer look at IPS and PVA monitors. Currently in the US the two 24" contenders for under $500 are HP LP2475W (IPS panel) and Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP (S-PVA panel).
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The 2209 just mentioned is a good buy, eIPS screen. It's a new, cheaper production method that produces IPS. Honestly, if you are happy with the laptop screen, a quality TN panel will suit you fine. Samsung and BenQ come to mind. Right now, the 2408 is on sale for about ~$400. Personally, if I'm going to step up out of the $250 range, I'm going to spring for an IPS, which I did with the HP2475w. *VA panels have a bit more input lag than IPS typically exhibit. I play a fair amount of FPS so that was an issue for me. That said, aside from input lag on the 2408, Dells do make quality screens and have a very good warranty.
Is an expensive monitor worth it? The only reason I can't give up mine now is because of the color shift on TNs. If I didn't use my monitor from odd angles, I'd be happy with a cheaper TN. This issue is especially pronounced when you step up from the 20" range.
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WOW! the Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP is on sale right now for $412. Excellent price!
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I have a 24" TN Panel. It's alright, but a few negatives- for the viewing angle I can notice the top 1-2" is different in brightness, also if I use a gamma tester it shows difference in gamma all across the screen, except for dead center.

Buf for gaming it's good, not as fast as the very best 2ms gaming monitors but pretty darn good. Also fine if you're just using it for browsing. For videos it looks crap, even with 1080p movies. But I'm comparing it against a 9th gen Pioneer plasma. For photo editting I'd get a more accurate screen, with wider viewing angles.
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id be using the new monitor for extra desktop space, films, but no graphic heavy work, i can see this decision taking a lot t of time!

ps cheapest dell 2408 is about £400
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A lot of people disliked the old Dell Ultrasharps due to horrible ghosting issues. I'm not sure if they still suffer them. But then again they've also moved a lot of their Ultrasharps from IPS to PVA panels so be careful when selecting one.

If you don't see anything that wrong with your TN laptop panel, you might now be able to justify the price premium of an IPS. True their extended viewing angles are very good but you can't expect the default colour settings to be accurate. Therefor if you're planning to buy one without either buying a colorimeter, borrowing one, or getting a calibrated profile for your monitor from someone else, you can't achieve the colour advantage of an IPS panel. Also many IPS panels are wide gamut which will cause non-colour aware programs such as the Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, games, and movies to over saturate a noticeable amount.

For other options, I would recommend the HP 2475W. It was one of the few affordably priced H-IPS monitors I could find when I was searching for one.
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using the dell as a example, [can easily find the prices] the ultrasharp i can get for £400 and the E series i can get for £225 or there abouts

thats almost double the price! this is looking like its gonna be the deal breaker, grr, everythings cheaper in the US, twice the price just seems too much , england.. pfft
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What are you using it for? I really wouldn't spend £400 on a monitor if you're just pratting around browsing.
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yeah this is what im thinking, its a general purpose dvd-hi def films, games, extra desktop space etc monitor

400 is just too much its like the cost of a cheap PC!
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Skip LCD monitor for movies, they're crap. I've calibrated my Samsung 24" but it still looks terrible.
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i really have to go LCD, havent got enough space for anything bigger!
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