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Get one of these, one of the best tasting water I ever had.

I use it on my reef tank and drinking water (amazing with coffee and tea).
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Originally Posted by Skorpitarius View Post
my suggestion is to just buy the 1 gallon jugs of DISTILLED water at your grocery store / Target / etc .
pure H2O ... no chlorine ... no lead ... no nothin' and a nice sweet taste to it ....
lowers blood pressure and detoxifies the body very efficiently ..

it's all I drink .
Distilled water has a "flat" taste, especially when used in something like tea. You need some mineral impurities, even in soft water, to give the water a bit of taste.
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If you're looking for a faucet mounted filter, I recommend the Culligan one. I'm using it in my apartment where it replaced a Brita filter that broke one me. The Culligan is a bit more compact and has metal fittings for connecting to the faucet. The filter unit screws into the bottom of the white housing. The valve takes some getting used to though. It's a little pin that you pull to switch to the filter and is held in place by the water pressure and releases when you stop the flow. There's also no indicator for when to switch the filter, so you have to judge it by taste or just replace it at regular intervals.

Since you're in a house though, you should look into one of the under sink units or something larger even. Assuming you'll be there for a while, the larger undersink units perform much better and have a much lower long term cost. Something like what jc9394 recommended would be miles and away better than anything faucet mounted.
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The place where I live can drink the water of the faucet as it is. However, the smell of chlorine is anxious.

The easy one installed in the faucet is used.
It is the one made of TORAY.

Additionally, Brita is used for the refrigerator. This is convenient though it has used for years how many.
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I agree that for a permanent solution, the under the sink unit is really nice. BUT, I love the pur water taste, so I just use my pitcher. I just have to remember to fill it. and I agree, that chlorine taste/smell is really sick. feel like I'm drinking pool water.
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Proctor&Gamble sent us a coupon for a new PUR filter (up to $55) to replace the one that started leaking, so we got a PUR FM-9100 model at Target the other day. We'll see how that long this one lasts. If it dies too, I'll be looking at something else.
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Originally Posted by DanielCox View Post
Agreed. We don't want the commies stealing our bodily fluids.
Agreed. They're not going to sap and impurify my precious bodily fluids.

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