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There is no reason to confine this upgrade concept to cables. Some years ago, I bought a second-hand Mod Squad CDP. The unit was a reworked Magnavox, and the brand name was simply overlaid with a sticker which read "Mod Squad." Ditto for the remote.

So why not use this idea? Come up with a semi-well known brand name which is now defunct (to avoid legal problems), print up a slew of stickers (silver and black, natch), sell them for a reasonable price, and people can slap them on their BPC gear, DIY project, and anything else needing an upgrade.

How about Counterpoint - defunct, yes? Any others??
Manufacturers currently do that all the time - several come to mind, using cheap parts and adding a markup for the name brand and the chassis. As far as your idea goes, I actually think it'd be cool for a company to make those metal-backed stickers (the PC case badge type) in custom designs for DIY projects. That way you can get something that would look like an official product, only to have your name on it so all of your friends can admire your handiwork.