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Mark is a citizen of the hobby, and I'm very glad to know him. We had a wonderfully pleasant interaction, and he went the extra mile in communicating and in packing and in being prompt and ... He sold me a pair of AKG K1000s together with an RWA Sig 30.2. I would gladly do business again with him. Great to know you, Mark !!! Have a wonderful 2010 !!!
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I sold Mark a Stax SRM-1/Mk-2 amp.  He paid quickly and I would highly recommend Mark as a buyer or seller here on Head-Fi.

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Bought the T1 from Mark. The headphone was flawless and the price was right. Recommended.

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I bought the Zana Deux SE from Mark.  Once again, it was a pleasure dealing with him.  A great communicator, prompt as ever, and a man of high integrity.  I am proud to say that he has become my friend.

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I bought an RSA Tomahawk with a Hippo Case and things went quick and easy. Got it two days after payment. Great to do business with him.

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I bought West726's Isabellina HPA. Great communication on his end, answered my questions, and also gave me time to make my decision. The amp was pristine and immaculate, just as described. He even shipped it the next day and it arrived faster than expected. Highly recommended, I would not hesitate to do business with him again. 



A phenomenal amp, at an equally phenomenal price. Thanks for the amazing deal!

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