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How to transfer content from one ipod to another?

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Here's the deal: i have 80gb classic loaded with music. Recently i bought 160gb and it really hurts to re-rip all the music for new ipod. I know if saved all the ripped music in itunes library... but i deleted it(store all my music as CD's anyway). So, are there ways to directly transfer the content from one ipod to another?
Tnaks in advance!
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I'm sure there's a freeware app somewhere that'll do this... well on PC anywhere, probably not on mac.. free and mac don't seem to go with one another to me

There is a software on Windows called Anapod Explorer which is $20 and badly supported but.. works.. it will allow you to transfer to ipod (simply drag and drop), from ipod, all that fluff. its what I used cause I hated itunes and didn't know about rockbox.. once I found rockbox, I stopped using it
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It's been a while since I used my first gen nano, but as far as I remember all the MP3s were stored in a group of folders with numbered filenames. Unless they've changed it, you should be able to just copy and paste all the folders from one ipod to another without even needing to use iTunes. Just plug the ipod in and access it through My Computer. Admittedly I haven't tried this, but I don't see why it wouldn't work/wouldn't be worth trying at least.
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That'll work, but all the file/folder names will be split up, enrypted with 5 letter file names. So basically.. a huge pain in the ass. We have Apple in all its wisdom to thank for that.
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Can it build the database too?
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labrat, thanks buy copytrans cost $29 and i'd prefer not to drop $29 to do one library transaction only...
EphPod can be useful but in case you need to add a couple of songs, but i need to transact whole big library..
Any other options?
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TuneAid is the best thing you can use. Ive tried all the freeware stuff like anapod before and they are not stable. The best freeware you can use is iDump. Only one problem with idump is when you have same tracknames it asks to either overwrite or skip so you would have to manually search for the songs that you skipped or overwritten. Tuneaid just renames the file to a similar name so that every song is copied and intact. You can even copy videos using that too. If you want a more in depth copier like copying hidden files, OS or whatever of your ipod use DiskAid.

What I usually do is use tuneaid for making an entire backup and use idump for incremental backups for added songs since idump lists the latest added songs at the bottom making it easy to select the latest you just put in your Ipod. Also, Idump is only 200kb something and can run off an ipod so you can dump your ipod songs to any computer anytime. Just make sure not to move any windows around or minimize, maximize or click anything for that matter while idump is loading because it stops responding hehehe. When the blue and green bars are done getting to 100% the program is pretty stable. Ive tried this on two different laptops and this seems to be a reproducible bug.
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1 Attach an iPod USB computer cable to the first iPod. Connect that iPod to the computer.
2 Open iTunes if it doesn't automatically open. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it for free on the Apple website. The first iPod should be listed under "Devices" on the left panel of the iTunes screen.
3 Connect the other iPod to the computer using the second iPod USB computer cable. It will also appear under "Devices" in iTunes.
4 Select everything except music files on the first iPod to copy and paste to the second iPod. Once everything has been completely transferred, there will be a pop-up message to let you know it is complete.
5 Open "My Computer" on a PC or "Finder" on a Mac and select the first iPod. Copy the iTunes Music folder. Then select the second iPod and paste the copied folder in its iTunes music folder. Wait for the completion message before disconnecting.
For more information: Transfer music from iPod to iPod

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