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Looking for some clip-on suggestions?

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So, I already have a pair of Sennnheiser HD465 and am in the market for something portable. I am not too fond of the comfort of in ears so I am looking for a clip on style headphones. Something that most would say that pretty solid sounding, with having a sound that balanced where nothing is too overly prominent.

I know there is the Audio Technica ATH-EW9 and ATH-EM9(the non ventilated model, as I cant seem to find them anywhere). Both the EW9 and EM9 cost around $100. My question is are they worth it, and which would give a better sound for my needs the metal or the wood? Both look equal good so that is a wash. How do they compare to my HD465? What other clip on models are there that is well recommended, or are the Audio-Technica the one one should be looking at?

Thank you.
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Apart from the AT's you mentioned (never tried the AT's but they appear to be well-regarded):

Broke? KSC -75
Flush? Yuin G1(A)
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Even if you do go after the AT's do take a serious listen to the Koss KSC 75's
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Based on some of the pics the AT looks more compact than the other models, which is kind of a bonus. I also noticed that Sony has one or two clip on models, are those even worth looking at?
What about those in ear style clip ons like the AT EC700? This style also looks it may work for me. Would this style offer more choice and better sq?

So, lets say between the EM9 and the EM9, which which would be the better choice, if they both cost the same? How would they compare to let say my HD465?

I can't find the G2 on Amazon(got a discount from there for an error they made), and the G1A cost about $150, and I am really don't know if G1A would be worth the $50 extra over the AT's(unless someone can point me to somewhere that has it priced closer the AT's). I can deal with them not looking as good as the AT, but not sure if I can justify the extra for it, even though I do like the fact the reviewer said the G1A sound more balance compared to his ATs.
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I just noticed the G1 and G2 maybe a little high in terms of Impedance as I am pretty sure my laptop wont be able to fully power it with out an amp, and the same goes for an mmy sisters Sony a728, which I use once in a while, or if my next phone has a 3.5mm jack.
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any other suggestions?
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I 2nd the motion on KSC75s.
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I really don't think you'll find any budget clip-on suggestions besides the KSC75/35 and Yuin G1A/G2A here. I have some Phillips "ported for Xtra Bass" clip-ons (no clue as to model number) that I got in France and they are just awful. Their horrific sound is only surpassed by how insanely uncomfortable the unshapeable plastic clips are. Since then I stick to the KSC's.
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I been thinking and just gave up on clips as I was seeing the @ 100 for AT wood or disks I could get something better like the Monster Turbines, or something else.
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So between the EM7 vs the EM9, what are some of the difference? Does the EM9 offer a bit more bass? If so is it worth the extra 20 going for it? 

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