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The Ultimate Sennheiser HD800 Cable From Lawton Audio-- The Adrenaline! Plus Senn HD800...  

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Lawton Audio Introduces the Ultimate Sennheiser HD800 Cable-- The Adrenaline! Plus Senn HD800 Connectors for DIY-ers!

A Bigger Bang From Your Sennheiser HD800
When we finally came across the Jena Labs cable as a solution for our Denon-based headphones, it was a big relief; we had been through so many other wires that just didn't have "it". The Jena knocked us out, and after more than a year of selling Jena-cabled Denons to dozens of satisfied customers, it's safe to say our choice has been validated many times over.

As much as the Jena impressed us when put on a Denon, that leap in sound quality did not prepare us for what we're hearing from our new Sennheiser HD800 cable, especially in balanced mode.

There is a nice and appreciable (but not world-shattering) difference between single-ended and balanced on the Denons. I run my personal pair of LA7000s balanced on my Rudistor RP010B. In general, I tell customers of our Denon phones not to put the priority on going balanced, but rather on getting the best amplification they can afford, whether balanced or single-ended. Very sound advice for those phones.

The HD800, on the other hand truly comes to life when run in balanced mode, and combined with the effects of our Jena Labs wire and awesome Xhadow XLRs, it's like giving these phones a welcome shot of adrenaline. (Hmmm... that sounds like a great name for a cable. ) Being intimately familiar with the sound of the Jena cable, I knew at the outset that it would help flesh out and add meat to the bones of the basic HD800 sound. It would give it a warmer, richer and fuller tone, add some liquidity to the dryness, increase definition around individual instruments and darken the background of the soundstage. I was also expecting it would fill out the bass and add some needed punch to the HD800. After all, that's exactly what it did to the Denons. Like we always said, with the Jena, it's like getting more and cleaner water coming through a bigger pipe.

Can the HD800 Really Rock? Give It Some Adrenaline!
Well, our Adrenaline cable for the HD800 does all that and more. The Adrenaline really speeds up the pace of the HD800. Before, the sound was a bit tame and let's face it, a bit polite for a rock/pop fan; now it's punchy, nimble and spry, a real head-bobber and foot-tapper. The Adrenaline really increases the HD800's FUN-factor.

You've probably read some concerns here and there about the bass of the HD800 being somewhat rolled or not full enough, or a bit lacking in impact and snap. With the Adrenaline in place, the phones dig deeper, throb harder, and pop with more verve. Bass tone also improves, adding a bit of muscle to the slight lean-ness of the basic HD800. The different tones from different bass notes are also fleshed out and made more distinct from one another.

A Powerhouse With the Sensitive Soul of a True Musician
But the Adrenaline is not at all just about pure brute force; far from it. If you are a detail/resolution junkie, the Adrenaline will deliver. If you are a person who prefers a “musical” sound to an “analytical” sound, the Adrenaline is for you. You will experience much more air, and better definition around different instruments and sounds; but thanks to it's liquidity, improved tone, and warmer, richer sound, it never sounds anything less than 100% "musical". You will never sacrifice the overall gestalt of the music in order to be able to hear and appreciate each squeak of the chair, intake of breath, or subtle shift in dynamics.

This cable is not thin, clinical, subtractive or uninvolving; nor is it punishing, pummeling, piercing and fatiguing. It's fast, firm, and authoritative, yet always provides a smooooth ride. It simply gets out of the way and lets the music just flow. In short, the Adrenaline is full of life and will tickle and please the deepest recesses of your amygdala, allowing you to forget about the cable and simply experience the music one on one.

Construction and Build
Lawton Audio is very lucky to be partnered with one the best cable techs in the biz. His work is immaculate, and he is every bit as attentive to detail (OK, "anal") as I am. Our Jena Labs cables set the standard for anyone using this wire. Unlike the loose spaghetti strands offered by some that can get caught on sharp corners, we provide the tightest weave possible, which yields an incredibly supple and flexible cable; more flexible than most stock cables. We use no damaging or potentially weak solder joints in our wire; you get pure 22G Jena Labs in continuous form throughout.

Instead of the usual thin wispy wire stuck in a stiff plastic tube and covered in ugly techflex, our cables are a full 22G of the purest cryo-treated copper, wrapped in an (optional) supple but durable and tight-fitting nylon sheath, and accented with the wonderful Qables splitters. Unlike some cable makers (and the HD800 stock cable itself), we provide a full 14" of wire before the initial join; you will never feel "choked" or uncomfortable when wearing a headphone with our wire. Below you can also see just how soft and flexible our Adrenaline cable is.

We go out of our way to provide strain relief for our cables, so you need never worry about wear and tear on the more sensitive parts of the cable. Below we see the carefully marked left and right connectors (red = right), that make it easy to hook up your new Adrenaline cable, plus add that desired additional strain relief on the exit point of the wire from the connector. We also use two Qables splitters on the balanced Adrenaline (only one needed on the single-ended version) to help keep your cable organized, and to keep the strands from twisting.

Inside Jena Labs Ultra Wire
The Jena wire itself comes housed in a thick, tough and durable (yet remarkably flexible) jacket that will easily withstand even rough treatment. It can be stepped on, wound and unwound again and again, tugged at, etc., without risk of damage to the wire inside.

Here is what Jena Labs themselves has to say about the technical characteristics of this extraordinary wire:

“We start with exceptionally pure copper. Each ULTRA-WIRE strand is ultra high purity, linear crystal, stress-free, super annealed, micro-polished, ultra fine stranded copper. It is jacketed in a modified PE dielectric which offers dissipation and dielectric constant figures similar to TeflonTM, but without its mechanical stiffness and resonance problems. A special extrusion process allows the insulation to exert a high inward radial force on the wire strands, thus reducing audio smearing micro-vibration.

ULTRA-WIRE is Immersion CRYO treated by our own proprietary process in our own 'in house' Cryo lab. The Deep Immersion Cryogenic treatment entails a cold chilling process culminating in immersion of the cables or electronics parts in Liquid Nitrogen. Exposing metallic objects to this extreme cold causes beneficial molecular changes to occur. As metallic objects cool, they shrink. With the extreme cooling and the shrinkage that follows in super chilled LN2 immersion, the crystal boundaries of metallic conductors align more closely with one another and become more conductive and ‘quieter’. Mechanical integrity is also improved. The improved molecular condition stays intact through the slow warming process and is stable at room temperature. When conducting an electric signal, treated wire will produce less micro-diode-effect noise, less impurity inclusion field disturbance and less transverse energy wave noise generation.”
XLRs and Jacks by Xhadow and Furutech
The HD800 Adrenaline in single-ended form gets the world's best 1/4" jack from Furutech. Our balanced Adrenaline cables get the marvelous new Xhadow XLRs; truly high-end connectors in gorgeous brushed aluminum that match the looks of the HD800 to a "T".

We are among the first to use the Xhadows, and they are among the finest available, and frankly, not at all inexpensive. You’ve bought an HD800, and now you are looking for a better cable; you neither want nor deserve, a cut-rate, compromised, corner-cutting design for your XLRs.

Below are close-ups of these new Xhadow XLRs, including the extra gromit we add to the rear to enhance strain relief.

We Stand By Our Cables
In short, we've carefully considered each and every aspect of this cable to make sure we are providing the highest quality product for you. We also stand by our work. We warrant our headphone cables for a period of one year against any defects in manufacturing.

Sennheiser Adrenaline Availability and Pricing
The Adrenaline is available NOW. Typical lead-time is 2 weeks after we receive payment.

Single-Ended Adrenaline Cable with 1/4" Furutech Jack + Black Nylon Sheath

5.5ft. Adrenaline Cable with 1/4" Furutech and Black Nylon Sheath: $489.

7.5ft. Adrenaline Cable with 1/4" Furutech and Black Nylon Sheath: $579.

10ft. Adrenaline Cable with 1/4" Furutech and Black Nylon Sheath: $699.

Additional footage (please contact).

Balanced Adrenaline Cable with Xhadow XLRs:

5.5ft. Adrenaline Cable with Xhadow XLRs and Black Nylon Sheath: $679.

7.5ft. Adrenaline Cable with Xhadow XLRs and Black Nylon Sheath: $769.

10ft. Adrenaline Cable with Xhadow XLRs and Black Nylon Sheath: $889.

Additional footage (please contact).

Want to save $40-$80? Take out the black nylon sheath and go with naked Jena wire.

NEW! Hard-Wire Your Adrenaline HD800 cable!
As great as the detachable Sennheiser connectors are, direct hard-wiring of your HD800 cable provides the best possible marriage of wire and headphone. Lawton Audio now offers direct hard-wiring of our amazing Adrenaline cable to your pair of HD800s for an additional $59 fee. Of course, you must send us your HD800 for this service. Turn-around time varies, please contact us for details.

Sennheiser HD800 Connectors, for the DIY-er!

Lawton Audio has tracked down and contracted the original manufacturer of the Senn HD800 connectors to custom build us a supply of the very same connectors they make for Sennheiser HD800. These connectors are built 100% to Sennheiser specifications, and are of the highest quality. We are the very first to be able to offer these connectors as part of our cables and separately for DIY-ers who want to build their own cables.

The price for a pair of 2 Sennheiser HD800 connectors is a low $39.99 plus shipping. (Limit 4 pair per cistomer.)

Want To Be The First to Review The Adrenaline?
We are currently looking for a potential reviewer who owns a HD800 and a quality balanced amp and would like to audition the Adrenaline. We prefer a Head-Fier with whom we are familiar, and that has a relatively long history here and above-average post count. Please contact me if you qualify and are interested, and we'll explore this possibility.

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Supply me with a HD800, cable, and balanced amp and i'll write a review! Just what I need!
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I and my fellow danish head-fi'er darkless would love to do a joined reveiw. He has the HD800, the amp would be my RudiStor RPX-100 and source would be my Jungson tube cd player and his $4000 dac (can't remember the name) using a highly regarded Danish xlr interconnect. We are both L3000 users (he still has his while I have sold mine) and they are also balanced. Likewise with luck an APS V2 balanced Ed8 wouldcome to play provided usps can figure out what they have done with a parcel of mine.
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Hi all, response has been great so far with requests for potential reviewers. Please keep your submissions coming.

Ideal candidate has a high-quality balanced system, has owned the HD800 long enough to have a solid idea of how it sounds with the stock cable. We prefer someone with whom we are familiar (but not essential) or who has a relatively long history on Head-Fi (3+ years) and fairly high post count (400+ posts). These are just general guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Finally, we prefer folks who have some history/experience with aftermarket cables, and appreciate the improvements they can bring; please feel free to mention your favorite cables along with your other equipment when you contact us.

I am right now making up a list of interested people. In mid-August when the first production cable is available, I will be making my selection for first candidate, second candidate, etc. Unfortunately, we can't make demo cables for every request, at best we can have one review sample to make the rounds, plus one to send to meets. Cheers.

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Good News For DIY-ers
Due to the popular demand for the HD800 connectors, we were nearing the end of our limited supply for DIY-ers. Good news! We have been successful in obtaining a second batch of these hard to find connectors, direct from the original manufacturer of the ones used by Sennheiser on the HD800.

We still have a couple pair available from the first batch that will ship to customers in the first week of August. Please act fast to pre-order to be part of the initial shipment. Pairs of connectors will be available from the second batch approx. 3 weeks or so after the first batch ships.

(Limit 4 pair per customer).
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If the price is more affordable.. The price of cable is scarily approaching the price of the headphone itself...
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All the initial orders for HD800 connectors have now shipped.

As reported earlier, demand has out-stripped initial supply. We are working with the manufacturer to receive a second batch, that we expect in 3 weeks or so. We now expect all of these will sell out before we can receive them. There are still many pairs available from the second batch, please contact us now to place an order. We have a strict limit of 4 pairs per customer. Cheers.
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The next shipment of HD800 connectors will be here within a week and will ship immediately thereafter. Go ahead and place your orders. Again, Lawton Audio is your source for the very same connectors Sennheiser uses on its own HD800. They are made to Senn's exacting requirements by the same manufacturer that supplies their own connectors.

The first Adrenaline cables will begin shipping in about a week, we truly appreciate all the advance orders.

Also, we are still looking for a potential reviewer for a single-ended Adrenaline cable. We prefer a USA resident, with above average equipment, an appreciable post count, and who already believes in and has experienced the advantages of superior aftermarket cables.

If that is you, please contact me, and we can talk. Cheers.
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Hi Mark, will you be providing the HD800 as part of the test sample? If yes I would love the opportunity.
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Hi Miguel,
If only we could...

As an update: Looks like we have solid testers for both the balanced and SE versions of the cable as I type. They are are only the first on the list, and there will be room for future testers, so don't hesitate to contact me going forward. Cheers.

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HD800 Connectors back in stock!
And ready to ship. Contact me here or through Home to place an order. Cheers.
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If I don't have an amp that outputs balanced XLR outs, I would just want to order the single-ended ones, is this correct? There is not a way to have both in one cable?
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No. If you think you might go balanced in the future you can get a balanced cable plus a xlr-1/4" pig tail.
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Originally Posted by nc8000 View Post
No. If you think you might go balanced in the future you can get a balanced cable plus a xlr-1/4" pig tail.
Cool. Does that give the same audio quality as a single ended 1/4" cable?
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Hi phototristan,
As nc8000 says, you will need to use a balanced to single-ended adaptor to use the balanced cable on a single-ended amp.

Many of our customers have gone this way, as they have a single-ended amp at the present moment, but plan to go balanced down the road.

We sell an adaptor with Neutrik jacks for $99.

Evey time you introduce a new component into the signal path, in theory, there is potential for some degradation of the signal, no matter how teeny tiny and potentially imperceptible. If you can avoid adaptors or headphone extension cables, theoretically you are better off. The Jena wire is very high quality and the Neutrik jacks are very transparent, so any potential loss is going to be extremely minimal to the point of inaudibility on all but the best associated equipment.
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