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The AKG does indeed best the (still-burning in) Shure in a number of ways (to my ears) - space (this one is a HUGE win for the AKGs), sparkle, detail, tone/timbre, and mid-range. I'd say that separation is actually pretty close between the two - although the Shure's soundstage is noticeably smaller and feels a little closed in relative to my two favorite pairs of headphones (K701 and CD3000), this smallness doesn't come at the expense of imaging or separation.

Although the K701 excels over the Shure in a number of ways, the Shure is still a very impressive headphone so far. Extremely smooth and non-fatiguing, really great bass - deep, punchy, impactful, well-defined - very quick, intimate and involving, very good dynamics, and pleasantly forgiving of less well-recorded material. It is also much easier to drive than the AKG. Although I prefer the AKG overall, I would say that this is only a slight preference and could easily change depending on the mood I'm in, and the ability of these to fold up and travel with me and be driven well by portable equipment means they are a keeper for me.

If I were giving advice to somebody on which to choose, I would probably recommend the Shure unless two things were true:
a) the person's equipment would be up to the task of the K701, and
b) the person had either auditioned and loved the K701 or felt very confident given the descriptions of the sound they've read around these parts that the K701 was a good match for them.
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$159 is a steal for these! Why was I too lazy to look for something cheaper than $200...
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Thank you, I´m looking for some more experience after more burn in.
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I'll do a more full write up and comparison once these are more burned in and once my EF1 gets back from repair.
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sweet, thanks Aman. Yeah, I'll be awaiting your full write up/comparison.
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Also, is the k701 worth buying if i plan on plugging it straight to my ipod touch? Because if not, I would buy the SRH840. Unless it still sounds better than the shures.
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No, AKG really need some better source and Amp(it is harder to run them than HD600). If you use it only with ipod, go with Shure
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Agreed with Bina. I can't even get enough volume to my AKGs through my mp3 player, and it sounds pretty flat regardless. On the other hand, the Shures sound pretty good and get loud enough when I'm close to max volume.
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Agreed with the previous two. The 701s are a demanding headphone and, generally speaking, require an amp to reach their full potential.
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After 100++ burn in the bass falls right into place..

I totally agree with AmanGeorge, soundstage isn't to wide, which you might expect from a closed phone, but the separation is excellent.. I don't find this headphone to be very forgiving though.

If closed or open isn't a issue I would, in general, prefer open most of the time, but this Shure is a very good sounding and comfortable headphone... which gives tons of detail I might add.

The overall balance is excellent
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listened some more now, compared to my DT770 they feel a lot more fun, they bring out all the aspects of the music and makes it feel like you're more there... if you get what I mean. The beyers seem way more muddy and bloated, though the DT770 80 ohms never were reputable for their sound quality I guess haha...

The Shures are a lot more uncomfortable compared to the DT770 though, when I switch cans my ears just rejoice comfortwise, soundwise they want to get back to the shures.

The shures get way hotter too, this is to be expected due to the leathery pads though I guess...
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I was considering getting either the Shure SRH840 or the DT770 Pro 80. You say the DT770 are more comfortable, but which ones isolate better? The shures sound better tho right?

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They isolate pretty much the same, the Shure's are a tad better isolated but barely noticeable. And yeah the Shure's sound better, a lot more detailed and tight.
The DT770 has a much deeper bass though which might be cool for 'epic' movies with Hans Zimmer-esque soundtracks... but still, the Shure's are better in every other aspect since the bass is just tighter and more responsive compared to the deep slow bass of the DT770.
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My SRH840s shipped today. They'll be my first step into the Mid-fi world. I'm a bit nervous really but reading everyone's impressions help relieve that.
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Originally Posted by vkvedam View Post
I've bought these from these people: Rock & Soul. Looks like a good place with experienced people.
They are £159.99 from here Shure SRH840 Reference Studio Headphones | SALE Now On! in the UK.
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