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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

If it's possible, it seems a very bad idea ..

It'd cause bloated bass.

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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

If it's possible, it seems a very bad idea ..

can confirm

its god awful.

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I ordered these this morning. I owned them a couple years back but sold them. I had a different preference in sound then, and could not appreciate the quality of the Shures. 


Looking forward to receiving them tomorrow. 

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Originally Posted by cannednoob View Post

Love the sound out of these things. Much more balanced than the Senns 380's I had before (though the Senns were quite fun with that boomy bass, as well) and overall more suitable for mixing.

Anyone else find the headband a bit uncomfortable? It just feels like it puts too much pressure on the top of my head. I have to physically slide it up and down to relieve the pressure point, every 15 minutes or so. Any remedy for that? Is there a way to add more padding on the h-band itself?

I had the same problem. When I tried to adjust the headband by bending it.............

............... After the plastic that attaches the headband to the cups snapped I took the whole thing apart.
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I received these headphones in the mail today.


At first I thought I received a defective pair because the the cable would not lock into place. Turns out I inserted it with the Shure logo facing the inside of the headphone instead of the outside (I'm a klutz like that). After 5 hours of burn in I started listening to F'd Up's new album, Glass Boys and honestly, i was not impressed with the headphones. I then put on "Joy Riding With Frank" by the Rollins Band and was even more unimpressed. I then realized that I had turned the gain down to 0db on my E17. I switched it over to 6db and BOOM! The headphone came alive. I know some say gain does not do much but in my experience, lower gain has helped tame my M50x and higher gain has now turned the SRH840 from boring to lively. The bass full, present but nowhere near booming and the mids are coming in fluid like with nice clear highs. I'm loving these headphones. They are also a lot more comfortable than I remembered. My first go around with these a couple years ago was not a good one, lots of pain on the top of my head. I'm hoping this isn't just a honeymoon phase. Only time will tell...


I'm going to listen to some more music and give them a proper burn in. 

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so, been a few years since i bought my 840's, i now have better hps, and a much better amp/dac. I currently have an he4, and some re-262, and amp/dac being a balanced amp AND dac audio gd-10se. Well the se side of the amp is boring, so im re-wiring my shures, already replaced the jumper from cup to cup with a better cable, had to bore out the two holes. Now, heres my ordeal, I know some people have re wired these for balanced, what i want to know, is what type of connector on the cup would be best? I thought mini xlr but thats kind of big. I dont want to straight hardwire these and would like a single sided detachable. Since i already have 2 hifiman balanced 4 pin xlr cables, i also have considered doing the smc ends and having dual entry, but cannot find the smc cup side connectors, waiting to hear back from HFM for those. Anyhow, let me know some ideas, also, whos tried the 1540 alcantara pads on these? Do they do justice? I was going to buy them for my he-4 anyways so i may just take the $40 plunge.

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I'd use the connectors that work with the balanced cables you already have.  Don't worry if the jack is  little big.  That's my opinion.

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ya im trying to get them from hifiman, but theyre not getting that i need the ones IN THE CUP, and not on the cable....

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Originally Posted by hemipowered007 View Post

ya im trying to get them from hifiman, but theyre not getting that i need the ones IN THE CUP, and not on the cable....


Check PM.

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So after years with these things, using them as my garage beat arounds, but still taking care of them. Ive made the choice to get serious and see if i can make these better, hifiman connectors en route so i can make these dual entry balanced, alcantara 1540 pads also en route. Any other ideas modding crowd? I already tried dampening ideas but none made the sound all together better. I may also pop the shure caps off and put some nice finished black limba inserts in there for the hell of it.

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Originally Posted by hemipowered007 View Post

 alcantara 1540 pads also en route. 

I had the alcantara pads on the 1540. Super comfortable. I'll be curious how it affects the sound. 


Are you thinking about modding the headband?

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Headband has never bugged me. But neither did the he400 or my he4, I'm just not that picky. Although I do miss the comfort of the hd598 and the mad dogs with alpha pads.
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What do you folks think about replacing the shure circle on the 840 with a wood insert? Think it'd look nice or out of place? I have a nice piece of black limba en route for other projects ( my absolute favorite wood to work with) and thought it might look nice
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so, finished wiring for dual hifiman smc connectors, now have a balanced shure 840, sound improved. Problem is, i have a very open airy insanely detailed He4. So, i want to further mod the 840, i realize i wont get anywhere near the he4, but im aiming at improving the highs. Waiting for the new alcantara pads still, and wood partial cups are prepped for danish oil treatment. Im also considering dampening a bit, as the low mids are intruding a little to much into the spectrum. I can eq the highs but id rather find a way to get them naturally. Maybe an open 840? its an easy fix i may be trying.

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Couple of words about metal music + SRH840
(Summary on impressions on metal + 37 cans is here http://www.head-fi.org/t/715478/headphones-for-metal-music-ultimate-solution)


Shure SRH840

These cans have rather flat frequency response, but they are not too "flat". They have confident tight bass with good extention. Clean, slightly elevated treble. Nice natural mid-range. Soundstage is wide enough, especially for sealed headphones. The sound is airy, which, combined with a relatively flat frequency response and amount of bass perfect for metal, gives very interesting results.


Obvious advantages:
Doom: Sobriety and a lot of bass are better than just sobriety )) Smooth sound with slightly elevated highs, moderately rumbling bass. I expected on general technical assumptions that M50 should be better on Doom. But having parity at bass, 840 have more rich timbre, great midrange of 840 leaves no chance of M50.
Power: Speed, air. Well measured, evil drive. Deep bass. At their level - just fine
Symphonic: A little strange - but very good (for its level of course). Reasonable doses of openness (for closed cans) and lots of emotions.
Progressive: And again, great for the level (and closed cans) result. Wide soundstage, rich timbres, bass - all the way through.

Notable disadvantages:
Death: Bust of bright colors does not look serious.
Grindcore: Needlessly hysterically. Not prohibitive, but very, very unpleasant.
Industrial: Too lightweight for this genre. Balloons look inappropriate on the steel mills.
Thrash: Too hysterical, something more dark and easy (e.g. M50) seems more appropriate.

One of my favorite entry-level ears. For light and bright mood.

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