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i got mine off of amazon for $160 i love them so far

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Just got a Bravo Audio V2 Tube Amp, it's about $50.


These headphones sound crazy good with the Amp!

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I just bought the srh840 on ebay.  I am extremely new to the world of quality sound, and I would like your opinions.  I have attempted to do a lot of research, mostly on this site, and I have found myself completely lost.  I would like any recommendations for how to maximize my sound without spending too much money.  Here's some information:


-I will mainly be using an mp3 player (http://www.amazon.com/Coby-MP620-4GBLK-Video-Player-Radio/dp/B0035P4C06/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364488806&sr=8-1&keywords=coby+mp3+player) with mostly 320 kbps mp3s.


-I do have some CDs (especially since I discovered how cheap they can be on Gohastings), which I would either play with my Dell laptop, my PS3 with optical output through my Turtle Beach DSS with Dolby bypass, a Sony stereo (I don't know what the model is, but it is probably at least 10 years old, and I doubt my parents would), or possibly my mom's Bose stereo (I don't know if there is a headphone jack, and I am away at college at the moment).


-I also bought a Fiio e11 amp.  What I have determined in limited listening is that I can notice a small improvement in sound quality, but nothing huge.


Here are some questions:

1. Should I go with a different amp?  Possibly one that has a DAC?  I have whatever integrated sound card came with my laptop, and I have no plans of upgrading unless it could be done cheaply.  I would prefer to have a portable amp, but I would be open to any suggestions.  Again, I do not want to spend a lot of money (under $100 would be great).  I care FAR more about sound quality than having a plethora of equalizer options.  I am always fine with how the artists recorded their songs (I don't ever change the bass with my e11--I guess I'm not a basshead).  I am not at all opposed to selling my e11 on Amazon.

2. I'm sure I am missing something, so is there anything else you would recommend for my situation?


I am extremely grateful for any replies, as this whole situation has been somewhat overwhelming.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just buy a pair of headphones and be done?

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A used iBasso D-Zero might be what you want.

The E17 is real good at its price, I read, but out of your budget unless you are willing to save up some more over time.


How do I fix the diaphragms when the center is punched in, similar to what people do to speakers at store displays?

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You could try using a small suction cup like those used for contact lenses.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

A used iBasso D-Zero might be what you want.

The E17 is real good at its price, I read, but out of your budget unless you are willing to save up some more over time.


How do I fix the diaphragms when the center is punched in, similar to what people do to speakers at store displays?

Dab of superglue on the finger if it's not paper. Small pin if it is. Doesn't matter except for aesthetics, it's just a dust cover.

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Thanks but the diaphragm is not a dust cover!  I think that you have the wrong idea.


I've tried blowing hard into the back of the driver, I've tried a small piece of painter's tape to try and pull it out, but nothing has worked so far.  I don't have one of those suction cups for contact lenses.  That looks like a dropper with a cup at the end, brilliant.  I'll have to see if I can source one locally.

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Well, got the plunger thing but couldn't fit it past the baffle properly to fix it, derp.


After re-examining the driver front and back for the umpteenth time, olol, I found that the magnet filter material isn't glued in, so I just pulled it out carefully and used a twist tie (with an end bent into hook with the end of the tie pointing at the tie itself so the end doesn't face outward and risk damaging the diaphragm) to push the punched in part of the diaphragm back out cautiously.  Now I think that punching in the diaphragm might have been an improvised tweak for eliminating the treble harshness that I now hear with the repaired headphone.  There's noticeable improvement in both bass and treble at least.  I'll deal with the harshness later, probably with Dynamat or acoustic foam.

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Hello, everyone. I am currently in the market for some portable closed cans with a similar sound signature to that of my Q701. I know the soundstage will be different but as long as these are neutral/balanced I am all in. If I do purchase these I plan on getting some 940 velour pads as well. Please tell me these are the ones for me rolleyes.gif

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The 840 are not neutral, they are quite bassy. The 940 pads will reduce quite a lot of that bass though

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How about the highs?
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I had a pair, but they werent "bassy" enough, and they were too heavy.


besides that, theyre perfect.



I prolly should of kept them, i bought beyer dynamics cuz i was told they had more bass

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Originally Posted by Change is Good View Post

How about the highs?


I really liked the highs on the 840. The overall sound is a bit V shaped, but the actual treble response is relatively flat which is uncommon for a closed can. Most closed cans are more rollercoaster-ish in the treble region, which gives them a lot of extra shine and energy, but can make them piercing. 

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I'm going to go ahead and pull the trigger on these. I don't mind them being bassy as long as everything else is balanced and not hampered by the bass. I own the Q701 and GR07. As long as they sound somewhat similar as those... I will keep them as my closed can.

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Well they both have a mild upward treble tilt, but beyond that I wouldn't say they sound the same. I mean... you're comparing closed to open, bassy vs not. I have the GR07, but it's a fairly flat response compared to the 840. 

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