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Got mine today and have listened to them for approx. 1 hour or so, and straight out of the box

Initial impressions: How can anyone listen to so much bass? It seems to meddle with the rest of the audio spectrum quite recklessly. There's a soft "humm" spooking/veiling the sound on many songs. They are very smooth across the spectrum though and reveal tons of information in a not-so-coherent manner. Every track/layer/instrument in a song is an individual and has proper weight. (I'm not sure yet if I like this.)
So far on the rhythmical side, I prefer the HD25's but they also sound a lot dryer and more harsh. Better transients and dynamics though, with percussive instruments.
Electric/acoustic guitar sounds thin in comparison to the HD25's (who would've thought?) but this may very likely be due to the boomy bass the srh840's give when not fully burnt in (at least I hope that's the reason).
Even though the bass is boomy and soft it's able to produce notes (at least better than HD25's), which I like. I really hope the boominess will go away.
The worst thing is though, as I guessed, that they sound like studio monitoring headphones I mean, where are the notes and pitches that essentially are the music? Coltrane sounds downright dull..

Well, I'll give these another go when they've fully burned in. Oh and by the way, I was only using an iPod classic 160gb as a source so take this with a grain of salt but don't make this into an appreciation thread just yet!

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More impressions, and vs ATH M50 mainly!
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Give it 100+ hours electropop, you'll be suprised by the excellent bass
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Those look awesome. I need to get a pair.
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Has anyone heard the 440 yet? I need to get a closed monitor for around that price range.
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My pair has shipped - should be here tomorrow!
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^ cant wait for your review.
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My pair is also on it's way. Eagerly waiting for these to turn up for the past 1 week.
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
My pair has shipped - should be here tomorrow!
'bout bloody time, Rob! I've been waiting for you to chime in here!
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
My pair has shipped - should be here tomorrow!
Eagerly awaiting your review
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Originally Posted by warrior05 View Post
Bought bloody time, Rob! I've been waiting for you to chime in here!

Originally Posted by Shahrose View Post
Eagerly awaiting your review
And I am eagerly awaiting the chance to hear them! I've been looking forward to these to be released for a long time. I will certainly be posting my opinions. There won't be a "formal" review, though - I worked for Shure for almost 8 years, and although that was a long time ago, I don't think it's appropriate for me to formally review their stuff.
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Someone with both HD600 and SRH840, please do a comparison
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someone with some customs like ue4s or jh5 do a comparison too
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Just got mine, warning to some. If you have a very large head, these might not be for you. I have to extend them all the way to make them fit comfortably, and my head isn't as big as a few people i know. Also the headband that hits my head is uncomfortable. I dont like how the wires on the exterior go from the headphone part to the headband, why not put it inside the headband. Also they look ridiculous.

Initial sound quality impressions are good, ill compare with the ATH-A700 headphones later after they have broken in more.
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Overnight these already sound much better. Better overall balance and the boominess is gone, yay! I can see them becoming good overall headphones after burning them in.. (of course they still need more time)

But, they're still big and won't ever replace my HD25's as portables and they're not very musical. I'm waiting anxiously though how they'll sound when properly fed.

Multi-instrumental works, like Frank Zappa's Grand Wazoo or Waka/Jawaka are awfully enjoyable to listen since these reveal lots of information and in this regard, hidden instruments. I've heard of some of the "details" on this album but now I can also hear if they have a melodic structure, which is surprising to say the least! I don't think I'll let go of these just yet..

Hehe, nice to hear impressions of a more experienced listener soon. I trust he listens to some music with them too I'd love it if you, skylab, listed some of the songs you made the impressions with. Just to see whether we hear ear to ear Of course we fail to have the same reference .. :/ Although, thank you beforehand!
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