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HF2 #243 reporting for duty sir! They arrived today. I haven't spent enough time with them yet to provide a thoughtful impression but I'm already thankful for the subdued presentation when compared to the SR125's. Going awol now.
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10 weeks since order and mine are still MIA.
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Originally Posted by jimmyjames8 View Post
10 weeks since order and mine are still MIA.
Call Todd if you have questions, he is more than happy to help.
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10 weeks...woah...I've only been waiting for 6 weeks....perhaps I won't see these until well into september but, eh, that's okay....I'm catching up on some bills.
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Mine shipped out today. Hopefully, they will arrive by the end of the week.
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Finally received a "shipped!" email, I ordered May 31, its in Seattle right now so I should get them Monday or Tuesday, if all goes well I'll be in audio bliss for hours on end.
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^ I just got my shipped email, but my HF-2s got to me yesterday. Be sure to check the date of the actual shipping, as yours may be coming sooner than expected.
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I was charged on Wed. Haven't received a "shipped" e-mail as of yet. Hopefully I get one so I can know when to look out for a package.

No idea if they shipped Wed, or if they're shipping today.
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Today will mark the 11th week of me waiting for the HF2. It turns out that I'm quite a patient man in the end!

Mine is supposed to ship this week so let's hope all goes well on Todd's side.
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Got my shipped email this morning, stating that headphones were shipped on August 11th. Order was placed on May 31. UPS man just delivered them right now.
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thanks for the order details folks...good info so I know what I'm in for....looks like the orders are still working through the end of may/begin of June origins.
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Me too, me too, me too!

Ordered 2 June, shipped 14 August.
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I've been waiting exactly a month now.
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Ordered June 3, shipped Aug 14th.
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Got my shipped notice email today as well. Ordered on 5/31. They shipped out on 8/11 UPS ground scheduled to be delivered on 8/18.
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