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Sucks that you got dinged with customs. I hope I don't!
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#146 arrived here this morning, and i've spent most of the time since bunking off've work listening through my mp3 player. They're definately not shy in the bass department compared to my RS1s that's for sure.

Other initial impressions ... cosmetically mine are pretty good, fairly neat glue holding the aluminium to the wood (a little sloppy around the drivers, but with the pads on you can't see). Can't see any blemishes on the cups, not that i've looked under a microscope though, been on my head for too long. My only real criticism is the L/R blocks and the way the headband is attatched, as someone else mentioned, the blocks don't seem to be mated together too well, and the headband metal looks a little exposed.

One other thing i noticed, the lip that the pads sit over is both thicker and bigger in diameter, which might have an effect on how the pads sit/get pushed around.

The leather on the headband isn't as nice on my vintage RS1s either, less padding and it has a different smell. The cable is about as thick as a power cord, and the Y joint still looks a bit haphazard, but it seems pretty solid.

More sound impressions later, but they come pretty close to my RS1s so far, which is a good thing.
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Originally Posted by xkRoWx View Post

my senn 600s and my amp is coming in the mail today


my first actual quality headphones
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Originally Posted by xkRoWx View Post

This might take some time to get to 490 ish
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I talked to Todd this morning. Apparently there is a delay on the headphones that were to ship this week. Todd told me that Grado has exhausted their supply of headbands. The headphones are otherwise completely assembled and Todd said they are expecting to have the headbands next week. He said that he would post later today, but he might not have time to get around to it (I talked to him several hours ago), so I figured I'd let you all know.

Mine were supposed to ship today.
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When was your order originally placed UglyJoe?
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31st of May.

I had called a couple of weeks ago and they told me mine were scheduled to ship today. My card hadn't been billed yet so I called to make sure there weren't any issues and that's when I was told about the delay.
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Received mine today.

Thanks Todd (please don't forget about the VPI drive belt).

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I'm hoping to get a package here in the next day or two. Fingers crossed!!
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Mine finally left customs after a long spell in there (more than a week).
I'll pick them up this weekend, so looking forward to trying them out.
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2 words.

Burn in.
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well, they were at my doorstep when I got home... 2 words.

Short Cable HA HA HA
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Listening to mine right now, ordered May 29th.
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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post
... 2 words.

Short Cable HA HA HA
That's 5 words
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I just got mine this morning (#213; ordered 5/29). Like others, I did not get any shipping notification email, they just showed up.

The build quality on my pair is quite good overall. I was literally saying to myself "pleeease give me a good one" before I opened the box. Other than a tiny nick on the outer edge + small "blotch" with the brush lines on the face of one of the cups + slightly crooked stitching on the leather headband, it is about as good as one can reasonably expect for a Grado headphone
Even though I have slight OCD, the "F1" error really doesn't bother me.

The bowl pads seem a little shallower than other Grados. This might be due to the extra stetching from the larger "lip" of the cups.

I'm at work right now listening to them from my DESKTOP 2 rig (see sig). The sound is pretty good, although somewhat on the bright and harsh side, but I've never listened to anything on this rig other than my KSC75's. Over the next week, I will burn them in and listen to them from my much better HOME rig (again, see sig) and compare them to my MS-Pros and RS-2's. I will post impressions in the big comparison thread. Stay tuned!
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