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What is the procedure to recable these, i.e. how do you get the driver loose ?
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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post
You should call Todd or email him.
A very friendly head-fi member (Aimless1) called him some weeks ago. As it turned out my order was stuck to another one and therefore wasn't shipped.

But this sucks for sure :/
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OMG it's almost end of the year and I still haven't received my HF-2 from Todd. This is getting ridiculous.
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Darn, I sure hope that Todd can get this to you shortly. This sure has taken a long time.
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Another 2 weeks gone and I still haven't received them yet.

I guess the last batch has been shipped already and there was again something wrong with my order!?
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Talked to Todd today on another matter and he reported that he is still waiting for Grado to complete the construction of the outstanding hf-2 orders. He has not received them so he cannot ship what he does not have. Once he gets them they will go right out. No idea what the hold-up is over at Grado, but if like most small manufacturers of hand assembled products they are no doubt overwhelmed with orders and attempting to meet all of them with a quality product.

MONVMENTVM and others have been very patient. Please hold on and be patient a bit longer. It's regrettable that your order was misplaced and that others were not filled with the last batch. The HF-2 is worth the wait. A great bargain on a can that is in the same league as the RS-1 in my opinion.
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I'm going to be spending some quality time getting to know my 'new' WA6 with my HF-2s after work tonight
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wow I've finally received my HF-2 and I have to say that I'm really impressed. The bass is very present and the mids are quite powerful, which makes metal sound really heavy. Treble on the other hand is tamed down in comparison to other Grados which makes them really pleasant listening to.
I can also hear slightly less treble detail compared to the GS-1000 but I guess that's mainly because of more present mids on the HF-2s or sucked out mids on the GS-1000.

For rock I still seem to prefer the GS-1000. Here the HF-2s sound a bit closed in and too forward. The guitar and bass guitar is pushed just too much, while the GS-1000 give a larger sound stage and better instrument separation. It's really weird that the HF-2s are so great for metal but less so for rock.

But electronic music is where the HF-2s really shine. The bass makes kicks and basslines sound powerful and present (which is something I was lacking from Grados). The mids make synths thick and spacious and the treble isn't too forward as to distract with too loud ghost snares (in dnb), while still being detailed, present and crisp.

Jazz and classical music is more the territory of the GS-1000 so I don't expect much here but I'll have to check that later. I guess that they'll do fine enough for jazz.
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Put the bagel pads from GS-1000 on the HF-2 and see what happens.
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