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Bought his klipsch custom 3
good communication
item was exatcly as described
no problems at all
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I bought an AKG701 from GuyDebord yesterday. I had the bonus of being able to collect the headphones myself and talk in person with GuyDebord. Everything went smooth as can be - private messages and later on telephone contacts went very fast and correct. I listened to the cans first, they were practically brand new and everything was as stated and there - box, stand, receipt and all. Nice guy, knows his stuff and has tons of other goodies he has to sell eventually because he is cutting back to one office. Highly recommended!
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I had the pleasure to deal with Guydebord, I sold him my Ultrasone Pro 900's. We met in a town called Leiden/Netherlands, at the train station and everything happened in the nick of time. It actually looked like a deal with eh,...the white stuff, to other people I reckon. Ha ha. Anyway, good luck with the 900's, Guy. Hope you will like them for a long time.


Gideon (David?) ;- )
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Recently I had the pleasure of working with Miguel on a deal. he bought my AT W5000s and worked with me to find the best way to get him these pricey cans safely and without the shipping on this transcontinental deal running into the vagueries and exorbitant costs that can occur when shipping a largish package across an ocean. 'twas a fine transaction and i'd be happy to work with him again. enjoy those beautiful phones, Miguel!
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Miguel sold me his Klipsh Image X 10. The product was shipped and received immediately in better than new condition. He is very friendly and very well thought (a philosopher I would say). Highly recommended.

...and his avatar... well that reminds me of Gandhi's
thoughts on the seven deadly sins.

Sin number 2 which Miguel never commits:

.....Pleasure without consciousness.....
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Guydebord bought my ESW10jpn's and it was a pleasure to do business again with him!
Everything went well like the previous time and can highly recommend anyone to do business with this great Head-Fier!
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Had a pleasure to deal with GuyDebord. W5000 came my way. Thanks pal.
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Miguel bought my STAX setup.
He is a man of his word, and I can highly recommend him.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the setup for a long time.
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I bought a pair of BeyerDynamic DT770/600 Manufaktur from Miguel (GuyDebord). It was a very quick and simple transaction. Would easily recommend, thanks!
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I sold my stax sr-001 to guydebord, it was a very smooth transaction and he is a nice guy to deal with!
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I Bought the Audio Technica ATH-ESW-10JPN from Miguel.
He was very communicative and responsive to all my questions.
Even when Paypal was giving us hell, he was very patient and kind throughout the whole process.

I will definitely recommend doing business with him.
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sold him amp fast payment good to deal with
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Sold my twag cables to him great to deal with.
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I bought some Ultrasone PRO 900 from Miguel. They where shipped the next day and well packed. He is very reponsive and nice. GREAT SELLER.
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The transaction was perfect, Miguel is superb guy, I wouldn't hesitate to do any business with him in the future.

thanks miguel.

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