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Klipsch doesn't seem to want to sell their tips on the website?? Do you recommend the single gel or the double flange? I have found both on

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

Klipsch doesn't seem to want to sell their tips on the website?? Do you recommend the single gel or the double flange? I have found both on

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Thanks tinyman392, but I can't seem to actually purchase anything from the site. It has pictures of visa, MC, PayPal etc but they don't do anything and I don't a buy button anywhere in IE9 and Firefox. Reading the reviews there does suggest I will want to go single flange though from the sounds of it. But will wait for other's responses who have owned them. Just to be sure.


I almost forgot I do have these on order so will maybe wait and see what they are like. They can be had at the Earplug Store for anyone interested.



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Sorry, I didn't test out actually buying them, just assumed it worked :p  Try *gulp* IE...

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

Klipsch doesn't seem to want to sell their tips on the website?? Do you recommend the single gel or the double flange? I have found both on

I currently have only the single gel on hand, so I can only vouch for those, which I'd certainly recommend for anyone looking for a deep, yet very comfortable fit.

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That's OK tinyman392 the way they make the payment icons I thought they would work at first too :-). I tried IE and Firefox both a no-go, so I will be buying from Amazon or Ebay if I decide to try them out.


Thanks i2ehan, I buy the single larges if and when I do, I will also check out a local London drugs store as they often have tips for the larger manufacturers as well. If they don't have them though, I will just wait for these Earplug Store tips to arrive as anything from coming to Canada won't arrive until sometime in January anyway. Those funky earplug store ones are a trial pack BTW so after I will have plenty of sizes to try out and get a good fit hopefully.

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OK since I bought the HF3 model with iphone controls I had not tried these with anything but my iPhone. But decided to try them with my desktop amp and computer DAC setup. All I can say is WOW do these ever scale up nicely with an amp! All areas are even cleaner and more powerfully represented including the bass. Very very happy right now. I guess I will take my Auzentech iPhone amp case with me tomorrow and see how it works as well. The only trick is having to slightly pull the jack back out to ensure the right bands are making contact otherwise they sound funny.

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Add me to those praising this IEM (I just got the HF3, so same thing).  i get a comfortable seal with the large tri-flanges.  The etymotic iphone app is also a nice touch, it has come in handy probably 10 times in the past week.

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I had the freebie version of the awareness app but the full version is much better and a nice throw in by Etymotic.

I am still really enjoying this IEM, I have been jonesing to try something new but I think it's just my liking to try new things because these really do sound good with almost all of the music I listen to. The amount of detail they have really is on a new level in comparison to many higher end IEM's. I love being able to have such clarity and dare I say dynamics at low volume levels.

These actually make my GR07 sound dull and muddy in comparison as well as the SM3 (I have to state my SM3 may be damaged though so take the SM3 comment with a grain of salt until I get them repaired by Earsonics next month).
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Just recieved the tips I listed above and they are an excellent deep insertion alternative to the tri-flange tips. The ridges are extremely soft and the bend helps them into the canal easier. I bought the 4 size sample pack and was glad as I would have likely guessed wrong and may actually end up using one size in one ear and another size in the other. Comfort wise I would say not quite as comfortable as the Shure Olives but much more comfortable than the tri-flanges. Isolation may be also better than the tri-flange tips and they have the same clarity and signature as the tri-flanges.

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Look what the UPS man brought me today :-)

Sound wise these just take the Etymotic's up a notch adding more bass and even more clarity. Isolation wise they are down right scary! Comfort wise I am still getting used to them so find Sony hybrid tips more comfortable but let's see what I think in a couple days. In comparison to tri flange there is no comparison though and they sound better to boot. So for those who suffer the tri's because of the sound quality, if you really like the Ety sound, these really need to be on your short list.
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Can't see anything. 


Also not surprised by the HF3 love, they're great IEMs flatter than both the SM3 and GR07s. You may want to try the PFEs though, similar sound with probably a bit more accuracy. 


As for the Klipsch tips, I find the Large double flanges (which are more like a medium) to be best after trying all the sizes of single flanges while the small double flanges are simply way too small. 


I think you should try something with a wider bore (adapter will probably be needed), that may improve the higher treble and soundstage. The new batch of Supertips are nice, they're more tapered than the old ones which allow a deeper fit. 

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There should be a picture now... My custom tips came in!! :-)

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Glad to read your initial impressions, dweaver. I hope to have my molds in the next week or so. Getting excited.


I do wonder how the sound can be improved, as it looks as though the bore is seated further back when compared to standard Ety tips (with the possible exception of the gliders) or Shure olives. Maybe that depth doesn't correlate to SQ.



Please do post more thoughts if you have the time. Thanks!


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Yeah nice impressions, can't beat custom tips. 

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