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RE0 are way more detailed, but then they are way more detailed than just about everything. the treble the RE0 easily win but thats hardly a shock. mids hmm id maybe say the pl-50. they have a little more warmth and smoothness, the RE0 are a bit cold and analytical, more dry than the more liquid pl-50. bass the pl50 is more plentiful but its bass cant go as low as the RE0 can amped.

make no mistake the RE0 demolishes the pl-50 (and most things) in terms of critical listening but in terms of just fun the pl-50 if you like mids like i do is just really really hard to beat. its highs are really good too but not on the same level as the RE0

isolation should be a step up but its quite a shallow sitting IEM so if your after lots and lots may not be quite enough
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How about these freeshipping price :

PL 50,54.99$ with 5$ coupon code (then it is 49.99$ including shipping and tracking )

Soundmagic do not want their suppliers sell them too cheap and doing price competitive ,so if I update it ,I can just mark the price higher and give customer a coupon code.

I forgot to introduce myself,I am jack from,the same B2C website as Focalprice and Dealextreme,we are in the same city.And soundmagic company is in the same city with us too.

I will update 9 version of Soundmagic headphones:

Pl30 Black 110g

Pl30 White 110g

Pl30 Grey 110g

PL50 100g

PL11 50g

PL20 50g

PL12 40g

PH10 53g

PL10 40g
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Jack, I can't find these items on your website yet. Will you be updating soon, or will we have to wait a couple of days?
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If Dealperfect would offer these for $50 I would definitely go for it. And they can ship within 3-5 days with DHL shipping.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post
just had this link pointed out to me, a ridiculously cheap price

3.5mm In-Ear Headphone (Black) $38.34 - Free Shipping
Hmm, the link doesn't work...
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Hmm, the link doesn't work...
That product was already removed.
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I tried adding Jack from Dealperfect to my MSN contacts, but my invitation hasn't been accepted yet. Jack is very close with his customers here in the Netherlands, so you might think it wouldn't be so hard to get in touch.

Edit: just sent him an e-mail. I should get an answer within 24 hours about the $5 off coupon.
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I couldn't wait on the $5 coupon. The availability of these things has been so "iffy" that I went ahead and bought them.
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Jack hasn't replied to my e-mail yet, but he has updated the site with the rest of the SoundMAGIC IEM's. PL10, PL11, PL12, PL20, PL30 (Black, Gunmetal, White) and the PH10 earbuds.

I'm going to wait for his response on my e-mail today. If I don't have a response by 6pm, I'm going to order these without the $5 off coupon.
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PL50 for $49 shipped

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Might wait for that focalprice price of $40 shipped.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Might wait for that focalprice price of $40 shipped.
If I were you, I wouldn't expect too much of it. The item was probably removed from Focalprice, because SoundMAGIC did not agree with their pricing. So don't expect them to sell it again for that price.
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Better expect a price very similar to Dealperfect. IMO 49 $ is still pretty decent and mostly expected from the first reports. Also way better than £55 in Europe.
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Are the PL50s better then the NuForce N7s?
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