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Soundmagic PL-50 Review - Page 15

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suggest, well id try large shure olives if i was you.


(foam tips from shure, look like black olives)

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A but snug to get on but what I use to use as well.

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Thnx, youve been very helpfull!

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your welcome, its what were here for.

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Had my PL50 for over a year now. Bought them for $25 used here in the forums. Probably the best money I've spent in audio.


These have been my main IEM for the past 6 months or so. In the past, I've owned exactly 50 different IEMs and finally settled on the RE-400. I eventually came back around to the PL50 and soon ditched my lovely RE-400, mainly due to me liking the ergonomics/comfort more (prefer over-ear). Although as of late, I've been very determined to find an upgrade, but am worried nothing will match it's fit and comfort. As of now, I'm looking in the direction of Shure's SE lineup, but am seeing mixed reviews regarding the comfort and bulky cable connector. Westone can be an option too, but was very disappointed by the W3 and W4. So now I'm a bit lost. If anyone has suggestions of an IEM that keeps this type of mid-centric sound, while having a comfortable, over-ear fit... please let me know! Until then, may the PL50 rain supreme in my IEM collection.


Also, has anyone attempted to paint IEMs? I think the sparkly blue with red stress relief is horribly ugly.

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something like the RE-262 or SE535 id think would be the highest end mid centrics.

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