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Perhaps its not making good enough contact? The metal can legs are a bit thinner than regular DIP socket legs. Perhaps sanding the legs to make sure they are super clean and make sure you have positive contact in the socket. Otherwise.... solder it to a dip socket and try it then?

The contact is good, I solder it directly to the dip socket. However, I mix 2 dip-8 direct solder metal can with the good to-99 to dip-8 adaptor (same opamp) , and noticed that only one direct solder metal can causing the auto off. This particular one cannot run at high gain and it uses 'cheaper' dip-8 socket. It may be the dip-8 socket problem? I need to order new socket to confirm.

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Has anyone done a comparison of TPA6120A2 with the conventional opamp+buffer setup?


I am thinking to use it as output stage+AMP after a PCM5102A DAC chip. It looks good and some people on head-fi have reported it to be amazingly good. Though they also say that it might not be good enough for a BA IEM (I am planning to use with Planar magnetics a.w.a. BA, tricky design).


Also, if not TPA6120A2 then the conventional opamp + buffer solution I have in mind is with an AD opamp, since I want it to have an airiness in sound and good instrument separation, though I am not sure which buffer should I pair with so that I get very low output impedance and a pretty high drive strength too. I often go to headphone meetups where I will drive everything including AKG's hard to drive 'phhones to the over-sensitive multi-armature BA's like ATH-IM0X or Shure and also planar magnetics.

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Lme49600 is the buffer you want.
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