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I search on MUSES homepage an found only dual OPAs






Whats about this new both?





For some I need only single OPAs.

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As far as I know the MUSE series of Op-Amps are only in dual offerings, I could be wrong, but I looked at a lot of them.  The easiest way is to just check the schematic on them (offered in any of the spec sheets) and then it's obvious.



I have a question for anyone who may know (Rob?) on the Creative ZXR which slot is which channel.  They are labeled J1-J4 and I assumed J3 is Center/Sub and from what I have listened to I think I was right.  However to get some confirmation would tell me if I am getting a placebo effect or not.

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Originally Posted by psygeist View Post

Thinking of ordering 2 more MUSES 01 from same ebay seller just in case the price increases.


@ gibosi, thanks for the ebay link.


I have just heard back from Little Dot that the MUSES01 can be used in my 1+. so I am going to get one too. The MUSES02 sounds crazy good so I am very excited to try the MUSES01. Cheers. :)

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Creative Explained ZXR PCB Layout:


"Please note, there is not center, and about front and rear, are the big cylinder"


Have to love guys answering questions for tech support that can't speak fluent English.

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Hey guys can you give me some recommendations and possible links to some op-amps that will work on an Audio GD Fun rev.A. I have the Earth and Moon, currently running moon. I am using the fun with the Sennheiser HD650. I am looking for a bit more bass down low and maybe a little more punch overall?


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anyone out there?

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

LME49990 or the 49720/10's.


I have both and can't really tell the difference, there very close in sound


Actually the LME49990 are a little bit brighter and open

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I'd want to try a ad823 in my amp. The amp is similar to a cha47 and has two dual opamps, buffer and output. The output is a jrc4556 and I'd like to use a ad823 as the buffer. The amp is unity-gain. Should I expect any complications?
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Originally Posted by UnknownAX View Post

I'd want to try a ad823 in my amp. The amp is similar to a cha47 and has two dual opamps, buffer and output. The output is a jrc4556 and I'd like to use a ad823 as the buffer. The amp is unity-gain. Should I expect any complications?

Can anyone tell me if it'd work? It's the AD823ar version to be exact. AD712 or OPA2604 would also be options, although the OPA2604 seems to be similar to the 2134, which is currently in use.

(The chip that you use to adjust the gain of the amp and that feeds the other opamp is the "main" chip, right? The other unity gain chip is the buffer?) 

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Good Day, Everybody!

I've got a just released dedicated USB DAC/AMP "DR.DAC 3". Here is a link to detailed specs:

I mainly want to use it as a DAC with line-outs going to a headphone amp (and/or a pre-amp for a speaks amp).

It got a PCM1794 D/A and a triple op-amp circuit with a pair of NE5532 in I/V section, MUSES8920D in sum. section and the same MUSES8920D in line-out section.

So, what I want is to get the best of the PCM1794-to-line-outs path in terms of sound details and neutrality (pass on the sound as it is). And I don't wanna use soldering stuff like soldering mono-soic8-opams onto dual dip-8 adapter. So, I'd like to use only dual-channel-dip8 opams.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Those contemplating to buy one of the New Japan Radio Co, Ltd MUSES IC´s, please note that the local price in Japan is about as follows.


MUSES 01    3500:- JPY


MUSES 02    3400:- JPY


MUSES 8920  480:- JPY


MUSES 8820  400:-  JPY


All in DIP8.


Thu some local Japanese forums, I was lucky enough to find a supplier, that accepted my order.


Postage to my country was 1500:- JPY, delivered in 5 days.


Also note, that local tax and customs may be added.





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^^Good pricing :)



Let us know which one you prefer more.

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I received the MUSES 01 a few days ago. For some time, I have been running the MUSES 02 in a hybrid headphone amp (Little Dot 1+).


The 01's stage does seem a bit wider, but this is not to say that the stage on the 02 is narrow. The 01 has a bit more grain. It is not as fluid and liquid as the 02. The 01 has less bass presence than the 02, With less bass, the mids and treble are relatively brighter. And the 02, with more bass, is relatively blacker and darker.


In the end, there is really nothing to criticize about either of these chips, I think it simply comes down to the synergy of all the elements in a given system and one's preferred sound signature..


I have put the 02 back in to stay. :)

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Thanks for your impressions, gibosi!

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Exactly why I like MUSES 01. Agree that it has to do with overall synergy too.


Do you recommend any track where you noticed grain ?

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