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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
AD797 was said to be unstable in the I/V of the STX, just so you know.

I heard they were somewhat unstable, but I wanted to try them anyway.



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OPA1662 with Dual AD797A Side by side comparison


Well Having tested OPA 1662 I have this to add. It is Smooth and Balance.

It does not have the warmth of AD797, but it is much more clear and open.


Nice catch, Anyone tried the sister of OPA1662, the OPA1652 ?



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OPA1652 is a slight downgrade.


I found 1662/1652 warmer, less open, and less clear than 797B in my gear.



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I wonder if LME49990 is more difficult to drive than the other opamps.  I ordered a couple of sample from National/IT.  I tested all of them in O2 (not as buffers), and I can only bearly hear some sound from my K702 even I've turned the volume to maximum.  For other opamps, they're all loud and clear.

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I don't think the O2 is suitable for rolling.


Edit: ADA4610 is finally available!  But only a dual version. so far.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Edit: ADA4610 is finally available!  But only a dual version. so far.


Have you had a chance to try yet? I'll buy a couple to try in my various amps and set ups....


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I will in a few days.  =]

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Max's dual AD8597, roughly burn in-time around 500 hours equals one word: Fantastic!


I can understand why the AD8599 (essentially 2xAD8597) is one of the best Opamp's around......a very transparent, but sonically synergised and warm opamp that is tiny bit rolled off in the treble section but the bass depth and detail revealing is amazing. 


Put's all the JRC opamp's I've tried to shame and few other AD opamps to shame. But I'm still looking for a opamp that offers a lot of bass impact, warm and tube alike sound sig.

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In short, which DIP8 op-amps are the better ones for Xonar ST? For now looking at LME49860NA. I don't want op-amps that need adapters and soldering, only plug and play:)

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You can also give the LT1124ACN8 a shot as well, linear has them and there dual channel op-amps. of course you will need two.

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I was looking at 1x LM6172 + 2x LME49860NA combo, maybe 1x LM6172 + 2x LT1124CN8 would be better?

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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

The 10 pre-soldred AD797BR adapters were $79.99, includes shipping, from China.



these are either fakes or used pulls from recycled equipment, that price is ridiculously low, too low

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Originally Posted by qusp View Post
These are either fakes or used pulls from recycled equipment, that price is ridiculously low, too low

I'm guessing most scammers use miss-labaled new parts.

The listing was very upfront, all used op-amps.

Others have used the same eBay seller and had good things to say about them.

I'm guessing it's costs them $25-$50 for the parts and $5 shipping.

I'm going to test them all, keep three, and sell off the rest, for like $10 each.

If I'm lucky, I will get $70 for 7 pre-soldered adapters.



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i didnt look at the ad, you didnt mention used so makes more sense. but you are mistaken applying logic to electronics pirates. some of the parts you see faked you wonder how there could be any money in it; often with used parts too, so they can pass them off as NOS more easily. Japanese Toshiba power transistors and jfets, rare mosfets, Dac chips and yes opamps.

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If from Audio Jade on eBay, they are honest and call the chips used.  The listing says new, but they specify that the adapters are what's new, lol.


ADA4610 is badass.  Deep soundstage with razor-sharp imaging, lively sound, incredibly clean, very clear and full treble.  Note attack is rather sharp, just shy of being a bit too much for my tastes but lends itself well to percussion instruments.  Very neutral and mercilessly revealing, just the way I prefer.  =]

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