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I don't have too much trouble with ethics if they are 100% free. Could you PM me on how? Cheers Leeperry!
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it's easy : signup on, add them to your "samples cart", follow the on-screen infos...and in 3/4 days a FEDEX truck will pop up in front of your house, et voila

I mostly listen to bass heavy music(70's reggae/deep funk), and the bass is just jaw dropping on these's not bloated, it's not tame, it's not just sounds too good

I think that's because it doesn't have that 4K spike like on the 4562/ doesn't try to cheat you w/ some "audiophile" mids, so as a matter of facts the bass is more natural...and so are the top trebles as well.
but I can see how many ppl will find a "neutral" presentation boring...I find it quite natural, very clear soundstage....and that bass!
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You can get samples trough their site. Bummer they don't do the OPA111 for free. I'd love to try that one in my Move!
Spud, got any recommendations from LT?
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Hi Maijkel,
What are your comments on LME49860, LT1358, and OPA2211 please?
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
I'm still waiting on my LT1358 samples, LT seems less willing to give op-amps away
Why do you say that? When did you order yours? LT confirmed my order on the 9th and I got part of it (the two LT1358IN ones) today already.
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oops, my're right! they didn't like my gmail account, and I couldn't remember which login I gave them...they shipped 3 days ago

how do they ship btw? Fedex, USPS?

I'm still not used to not having the 4562 screaming mids shouting at me, but so far I still like that 2111...if that's the best bass I can get, then I'll be perfectly happy w/ it

and does AD give samples away? you either have to talk to their sales reps or buy them in bulk order? 50 pieces will be a tad too much..
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Whats the difference between the top two here? Which should I order?
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you want to pay 15 bucks a pop, when you could get them for free?

anyway, my soundcard HP amp has 3 gain settings(0/+12/+18dB), and the 4562/49720 sounded saturated on the highest one(even though the RMAA measurements were slighty better)....but apparently the 2111 sounds better on the top one, the soundstage is much was slightly muffled w/ the middle setting.
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
how do they ship btw? Fedex, USPS?
Actually, this time it was a more reasonable plain envelope by ordinary mail
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ah, I prefer that actually...always a pain to meet up w/ the UPS/Fedex trucks.

BTW I've just ordered some LT1028ACN8/LT1364CN8(on top of the LT1229CN8/LT1358IN8 bound to show up)....but apparently you can't beat the 2111 bass anyway
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
you want to pay 15 bucks a pop, when you could get them for free?
Sorry the reason I was asking was because there was an error page everytime I went to the samples page. Anyhoooo I sorted it and have a sample winging it's way to me to test.

Thanks for the heads up Leeperry
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and anyway, my problem w/ the mids not being loud enough on the 2111 is gone now that I've set my soundcard gain to the highest(+18 dB) I need to set the master volume at the same position as I used to w/ the mid setting on the 4562/49720.

apparently the 2111 needs high gain, FooTemps also said that he needed to beef up the gain on his amp :
It has come to my attention that the opa2111 has a little bit of artifacting somewhere in the midrange. I'm pretty sure it's because the gain on the mk1 only goes to 8, the thing probably needs more juice.
it does need more juice, and it will keep all your bassheads happy
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there's a pic of the internal wafer of a OPA2111 in its PDF :

102 transistors, and a pretty crazy pipeline....I guess the latest one(like the THS4032 and others) must have 100 times more transistors?! anyway, they all look identical from the outside, but that's about it.
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Originally Posted by SpudHarris View Post
Ah..not tried the OPA111 or OPA2111 yet. Thanks.

Wow they're quite expensive, especially the ''KP''. How much do you want for it?
It looks like I paid much more than what Mouser wants for this part. Selling this below $20 shipped stops making sense to me now.
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Add 22% VAT and duty, or see the Farnell price x1.22 again. Guys from US can have it for cheaper.
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