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Lol... very interesting, here come another RE0 fan, 3 motnhs ago I risked my saving with RE0 following head-fi recommendation and ofcourse had same problem with fitting issues. Not giving up quickly I tried and tried and finally had a solution for me, fitting now is like earbud and my RE0 now has plenty of bass (for my taste) with better treble. Attached are my experiments hope it is useful to someone(ears):


RE0 Bassmore.jpgPhilips Tips.jpg

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Hmmm...I find them a lot less muffled. Did you cut them at least to where the hard inner stuff starts?

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No, the Philips silicone tips are used as is, no cutting just put it straight on, a perfect fit to RE0 metal tube.
The Philips tips replacement are main part of this RE0 sound improvement, Try this option first to see how it is before next enhancement that is to replace the foams (I had Philips set from Sydney Harvey norman @$15). Other factors that help with the RE0 bass are:
- My Ipod Classic 5.5g has EQ set to "Classical" ("ROCK" is more bass but also more treble that is not good for RE0, but nice for PK1)
- Ibasso T3D/E5 with LOD Silver calble(yes Silver please)

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Originally Posted by ljokerl View Post

Don't mean to resurrect, but I just wanted to add my $0.02.

I've been trying a dozen or so different tips with the RE0 the past few days and have been pleasantly surprised by the Soundmagic Foam tips that came with my PL30s. I have always preferred foam to silicone, but my Comply T-400s just add something disagreeable to the sound of the RE0's for me that I can't quite put a finger on. Sure, they are the most comfortable and best-isolating, but I have found myself keeping the Soundmagic tips on the RE0 in the long run. Soundmagic bi-flange silicones also work better for me than the clear RE0 bi-flanges. They seem a little softer, so that might be the reason.

In addition, the PL30 hardcase works great for storing the RE0s and is the best case I own (same one came with my Nuforce NE-8s). Definitely recommend picking up a set of PL30s just for the additional accessories to use with the RE0s, especially if you need decent backup/beater IEMs for gym use or something.

Soundmagic PL30s tips was recommended by Ljokerl last year, it should be used as it looks even better than the Philips tips.

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Originally Posted by SaigonGrandFunk View Post

No, the Philips silicone tips are used as is, no cutting just put it straight on, a perfect fit to RE0 metal tube.

Sorry; I was talking to Mad Max, about the Complys.

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Originally Posted by PianistOne111 View Post

Sorry; I was talking to Mad Max, about the Complys.

Yes, I trimmed the complys to where the plastic tube is.


PL30 tips kill a bit of the bass impact.

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I tried the comply, it seems like isolation and bass is better but details are lost. 


I'm currently using the stock small bi-flange and I was wondering on how to increase the soundstage. I'm into about 10hrs or run-in now.



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I think the stock bi-flanges will give you about as wide a soundstage as you can get. 


As far as the complys are concerned, you'll lose details if the tip gets closed in.  The complys are too long.  I found if you reverse them, the tip doesn't close up.  Still not crazy about them.  You still lose some detail.  I much prefer the shure olives and they are much more durable.  You have to decore them, though.

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I tried:


Shure decored


Stock (single and double flange)

Sony Hybrids


Sony hyrbrids win.  Shure decored were OK but kept coming off in my ear.  I'm a huge comply fan but just hated them with the RE0, sounded muffled.  I liked the stock well enough.  The Sony sound the best and are good and tight.

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I bought some of the fake Sony tips from eBay seller lostearbuds. They're a steal and I am very happy with them; they best the stock tips for my ears.

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Fake Sony tips, huh?


Maybe I should give them a try.

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You should. :-)

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From reading through a few threads, it seems that the Complys offer the best isolation. Can anyone speak as to whether this is true or not?

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Foam in generally isolates good, the comply's work very nice on the RE0. Downside is, is that they are a bit expensive. That's why I make my own foams now from pairs of 3M 1100 (37dB) plugs. Works also great and are way cheaper.

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