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FS: Sleek Audio SA6

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Hey all. Have a pair of Sleek Audio SA6 IEMs for sale here.

[EDIT: I found the other large flange]. It comes with two cables, though I think one may be faulty.

They seem to have been well taken care of by the original owner and I've continued to do so after receiving them.

These were purchased 7/1/08 by the original owner, so I believe there's still about a year left of warranty on these. I have the invoice from the first owner.

I'm asking sold shipped CONUS.
I'll give a bonus deal if you want to order the SA6s and my XM4 amp together.

Willing to ship international at buyer's expense.
Feel free to send me a PM if you have more questions.

Thanks for looking!

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$210 shipped for the SA6+XM4 combo!
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price drop on combo deal!

go go go go go go!!
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buy now!
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une bosse pour ces écouteurs
(is that correct?)

Also price drop! go go go!
I'm leaving for college one month from today and I'd really like to get sell these before I go.
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