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Great review, Skylab. I especially appreciate your excellent, meticulous presentation, and the care you took in conveying precisely the subtleties of the treble issue you heard.

I'm basically in the position of EQ'ing up the bass on mine, and being bothered by the treble on some recordings (though for me it's a more diffuse excess-energy phenomenon, not something I can tie to sibilance), so I don't think we're hearing things that differently. But there's another dimension of these headphones that grabs me, that I think may have been lost, to some extent, exactly by your careful and diligent division of your review into categories. It's that they sound so clean. The way they seem to vanish, and just put you in the recording. The way the music seems to just appear in the air against a quiet background. Yes, for many types of recording, one misses the joyous cacophony and dirty, emotional quality of the DX1000. But for others, like the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers I'm listening to now, or Dire Straits first album, or violin music, it's delicate and lovely. Of course your experience of headphones is much wider than mine, so I may be kidding myself that this is as distinctive as I think. But I'm wondering whether the HD800s struck you this way, and, if so, whether it was unusual, in your experience.
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Yes, I agree, there is a "cleanliness" to the HD800's that is very impressive - I call this transparency, but I think we mean the same thing. And the HD800 has this in spades (although I don't think the DX1000 lacks it).
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Great review Skylab! I've listened to the HD800s for a month now and I strongly agree with all your conclusions.

The treble can definitely be a bit troublesome at times, but as someone who is quite sensitive toward higher frequencies, it's nowhere near enough to ruin the experience.

In regards to the bass, open headphones will never have the same punch and quantity as closed. So it may be a bit unfair to compare it with DX1000s. With that in mind, I think the HD800s still do very well in that department although as you imply, it may not be enough to satisfy bass-heads.
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That really was an excellent review Skylab. I enjoyed reading it, and your impressions were very detailed and gave me a good sense of how the HD800 sounds. Nicely done!
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
Interesting - I will be getting a Phoenix to review, but unfortunately probably will not have the HD800 anymore when I do.

Any idea when will the review for Phoenix out? a little disappointing that you cant review with balanced HD800.

Good review of HD800. Speak the heart of what I audition. But I was too overwhelm with the mid/soundstage and ignore the sibilance.
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I'm not expecting to receive the Phoenix for review until late July.
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The bass on these cans aren't as hard-hitting as I'd like them to be as well. I'm thinking the HP-DX1000, or even the D2000 would be a nice complement to the HD800, but maybe I should just save up and buy some B&W speakers instead

Excellent review!
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Nice write up. Thanks for the effort. It sounds like dx1000 is better and it's very likely that is ture.
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terribly good reading. this is why i find myself visiting this forum more
than any other.

skylab, thanks for sharing the insightful observations. i do have one question...
well, maybe two. first, are the "hot treble" consistent in using all of your various
sources or are they more salient with specific type of recording? two, how does
it compare to the infamous treble spike of the grado gs1000? thanks in advance.
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While the treble is in hot contention. I will throw something out that personally I feel one aspect of the mids is a weakness of the HD800. While it does have a full and articulate mid section, it also sounds softer and less dynamic. It does not have the ability to snap and attack like the rest of the spectrum. Honestly most headphones fall short in this respect, where I think speakers systems do a much better job compared to headphones. It is very apparent to me on HD800's since the rest of the spectrum has such great attack and this contrast makes it stick out more.

Now before you say it is my system or something. I've noticed this trait through all the systems I heard through Canjam, whether it is balanced or single ended. While the HD800's are transparent in the sense that they are pretty flexible in portraying the sound of a system, they do have a "house" sound or a starting point if you will that I hear through all systems (and is true of all headphones really).

This aspect of the midrange was one aspect that concerned me the most about the 800's when I first heard it. While I can adjust my system to counter it and make it better, it is always noticeable. It stops it for me from becoming a headphone that is close to complete satisfaction. Maybe this is how Senn likes to voice its headphones even, have a fuller midrange rather than one that moves a lot of air.
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Thanks for the review, Ive been waiting to see some credible reviews of the new cans that are coming out before buying. Now just have to get some more ps1000 and edition 8 reviews.
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One for the archives........
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Great review Skylab! Your credibility remains top notch in my book. Your objectivity is a great service to those that have their wallets on the line.
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Originally Posted by wnmnkh View Post
Skylab, I strongly suggest to try balanced setup for HD800.

While there is somewhat more very slight control on treble, the bass response of HD800 dramatically improves with balanced setup.
Absolutely echo those sentiments. Every area of the headphone is improved in my opinion, and a much fuller presentation with a more holophonic image.

But I think it was a great review Skylab and I always value you your impressions. You helped shape my original purchases here! Nicely done as always.
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Originally Posted by ztsen View Post
Any idea when will the review for Phoenix out? a little disappointing that you cant review with balanced HD800.
If he could get his butt to the L.A. meet, he has an open invitation.
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