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In praise of Teflon tape

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Teflon tape the DIY cabelers butter knife? You bet.

Need to hold two wires together while you slip them through some
copper braiding? Teflon tape them together, doesn't leave a sticky
residue you have to clean up like electricians' tape does.

Got some wires that are loose inside your RCA plug, wrap some tape
around them, you can make them fit perfectly.

Nick that teflon coated wire but not down to the wire itself and
don't want to throw away $10 worth of wire and two hours of braiding?
TT it!!! Probably won't hurt the sound anyway.

Run out of Teflon tubing to cover those wires in the middle of a
project and don't want to wait two weeks to get some more through
the mail? Mummy wrap it in Teflon tape. Who cares if the cables
a little lumpy, it's yours and you love it warts and all, besides it's
going to be hidden behind a rack anyway, and it's not like your going to
sell it to anybody.

Need to hold down those ragged ends of Techflex so you can slip some
heat shrink over them? Tape it baby.

Want to know which end of a cable has the shielding tied to it after
you put the heat shrink on? Wrap the top of the RCA plug with Teflon
tape before you put the heat shrink on.

Teflon tape, it's cheap, you could probably wrap a car in it for $20, $15
if it's on sale. It's readily available. You can get it in bulk at
Home Depot, or if you run out of it at midnight, go to your local all night
grocery store it's probably there in the same section that has all the tubes
of Crazy glue and Velcro. No minimum orders, lead time, or postage!!!

It's nice to find a product that does the job it's intended to do, and more,
all the time. Besides you can always use it to fix that leaky faucet.

I'm sure other DIY pursuits have their equivalent of Teflon tape.
I, and probably others, would be interested in knowing how you cover
up your "AH S@#%TS". Or are all other DIY'ers perfect. If so, I would
be interested in knowing how you achieved that state of grace. Always
interested in moving up the karmic ladder.
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TT = DIY version of duct tape?
Sounds good.
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Heh, I won a case of 18 rolls of 25' teflon tape yesterday for $5 on ebay
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Eighteen rolls. That's about a years supply.
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3M makes teflon tape... RIGHT???

Lets get Red Green a few dozen boxes!

Yes there are people south of the border that watch this
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Hah, I imagine I act like Red Green when building amps... and they work just as well as his stuff does
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Ooh just got my 18 rolls of teflon tape. Its, teflon tape, wow... by popular mechanics too... ultra cheap. I'll be making cables out of this eventually...
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